CDT Day 58 Monarch Pass

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14th June

10.6 miles

Log Cabin (888.6) to Monarch Pass (899.2)

I only had half a day of hiking to make it to Monarch Pass so last night I decided that I’d sleep as long as I wanted in the morning. I was up and out of bed before 6am. Damn body clock. It was cold outside, maybe 20F, well below freezing. The cabin was still warm.

I threw another log on the fire, warmed myself and set off. I cleaned the cabin a little, enough to leave it in better shape than I found it. I followed the trail up, down and around the winding ridges. There was quite a bit of snow to still cross but the cold overnight temps froze it solid.

It wasn’t long before I made it to my destination, Monarch Pass. Apparently I missed the trail magic, 24 beers were set in snow next to the trail. I suspect they melted their way into the snow enough for me to miss them. I devoured a couple of hot dogs at the cafe at Monarch Pass.

I hitch hiked into the town of Salida. Weed is legal in Colorado. So I was told by the wasted stoner who picked me up. I was lucky to make it to Salida. Weed is legal and taxed, the tax dollars go to the schools. The schools are rolling in the money like never before, apparently.

Thermometer made it to town several hours behind me. He also missed the trail magic. We devoured a pizza and some craft beer. We both decided to take some rest in the town of Salida.

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  1. Interesting to see Monarch Pass. I drove across there 35 years ago. There was nothing there back then, just a marker for the Continental Divide. As usual, I really enjoy both your photos and your description of the trail.

    1. It’s changed. Not only is there a marker, there’s a gift shop/take away food, gondola ride to the top of a mountain etc. a lot of people stop for a look.

  2. This trip seems much harder going – what has happened to crunchmaster and spontaneous? Are they coming back – or have they given up? There also doesn’t seem to be the number of hikers there are on the PCT – weather, level of difficulty?

    1. Without doubt this is harder physically and mentally. It’s not fir somebody starting out. There’s a bit of navigation needed, knowledge of weather, logistics etc. it’s just harder in every way. Crunchmaster flipped to the Canadian border and is now walking south. This is a common thing to do on the CDT. Spontaneous has taken 3 weeks off the trail, his girlfriend is visiting from Korea. I may or may not see Spontaneous again, he has not decided where he will rejoin the trail. None of this was part of the plan when we started hiking together it just evolved, it’s part of hiking the CDT.

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