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17-18th July

13 miles

Bushcamp (1411.6 ) to Rawlins (1424.6)

I slept like the dead. It was hard to wake. My body was rested and my sore left heal was not sore at all. That surprised me. I thought I’d wake up sore.

It only took a couple of easy hours to make it to Rawlins. I sent out a text message to Bambi. He arrived in town about an hour ahead of me. We made plans to split the cost of a hotel room.

I set up in the room then made plans to purchase 16 days worth of food to get me through the next couple of sections. A full backpack and several shopping bag full of food were deposited on the floor of the hotel to be sorted out. Not the fun part of hiking the trail. A rest day in town is not really a day of rest.

The following morning Bambi left to get back on trail. I was having a Zero day. No hiking for me. A text message from Lucky ensured I’d have somebody to split the hotel room with me for the night.

I received a message from my Alaskan friends Thomas and Mary. They are cycling The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. We’d been planning the possibility of meeting up somewhere for quite a while. Rawlins was the meet up Point. It was great to catch up with some friends and share and meal and stories. But tomorrow it’s back to the trail for me.

Dinner with Thomas and Mary who are cycling the divide

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