CDT Day 96 Grand Sunsets

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22nd July

30.0 miles

Cowpond Camp (1503.2) to Bushcamp (1533.2)

If you could make a sleeping pill from the exhaustion caused by thru hiking 30 miles everyday it would be a best seller. What a great natural medication for a good nights sleep. Now all I have to do is wake and hike another 30 miles.

Part of the trail today followed the old trails used by the first settlers of the western lands. The CDT followed the old Oregon Trail and a branch of the old California Trail. Many people in western USA have a family heritage that can be traced to traveling on this trail. I wonder if they were harassed by the horrible biting flies as I was today.

The trail also made it to a proper river. Not before I was buffered by 40mph headwind and running out of water which wasn’t too bad but I was thirsty nonetheless. I bathed in Sweetwater River and washed some dirty clothes. I arrived to find Charge and Zorro both there resting and washing themselves and their clothes.

As with previous days I camped on the wide open plains. I’m only about 5-6 miles from the town of Atlantic City. I posted myself a good package. I also hope to charge my electronics and devour copious amounts of food from a place called Miners Grub.

Next – Day 97 Atlantic City

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  1. The CDT seems to involve endless road walking – is this the case? I would hate that. How is your plantar – sounds like the stretching and rolling your foot on a ball has done the trick.

    1. The PF is tender first thing in the morning. Stretching and a slow start seem to work. I stretch a lot at every rest stop. It’s still there but manageable.

    2. Lots of road walking in New Mexico, very little in Colorado and a bit in southern Wyoming. Maybe 15-20% of the trail so far

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