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23rd July

12.7 miles

Bushcamp (1533.2) to Dead Ox Creek (1545.9)

I just can’t seem to sleep in no matter how hard I try. 5am and I’m wide awake. I only had 7 miles to the town of Atlantic City. I sent myself a food package several days ago when I was in Rawlins.

I had little charge left in either my phone or spare battery. So I stayed in the Miners Grub for most of the day. It’s the local bar in Atlantic City where both the locals and tourists hang out. They serve breakfast, lunch, beer all to the sounds of country music.

I unpacked my food package. 8 days of food to last me 180 miles. That’s 290km worth of food. Am I crazy. Is this trail crazy. The 8 days food weighed about 9kg (20lb). My diet on day one will consist of all the heaviest food. Day two will be the next heaviest food, until I’m left with only the lightest food left, then none.

I also have a fire closure to deal with. There is a fire somewhere in the northern Wind River Range. Even at this stage I’m not sure how to detour around the fire or where it is closed. I have good maps. I can make quick decisions as and when needed. Other hiker ahead of me have provided routes which I may follow.

It took 6-7 hours for my spare battery to charge. I needed it fully charged as I’ll be off the grid for 7-8 days. I’ve never gone that long without hitting a town or recharge, I think. So I’ll be disciplined with my use of the phone for music, podcasts and audiobooks. After this blog post is live I’ll probably be late in posting the rest of my updates. You can have a one week rest from reading about my hike. Stay tuned.

I left Atlantic City with the heaviest backpack I’ve carried for a long time. My body and mind are not impressed. They just want to be lying in a peaceful hotel room resting. Sorry but I’m continuing north to Canada. A couple of miles away was another town, South Pass. I didn’t stop at this touristy ghost town. I’m sure it’s nice.

After either a confusing section of unmarked trail or poor navigation from me I made it to camp. Dead Ox Creek. Nothing more than a puddle of water or cow urine. I’m not sure which. It was almost dark when I arrived and filtered water. Tomorrow I climb into the mountains. I think.

Next – Day 98 Heading into the Winds

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6 Responses

  1. ThierryB

    What kind of food are you using ? It seems to me that freeze-dried food should be lighter than 1kg per day (I used it last week). Is it available there ?

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Freeze dried is great but expensive for a 5 month hike. All meals plus snacks are heavy, I need about 4000 plus calories per day. Tuna, chocolate, nuts, pasta, granola bars etc weigh a lot. 1kg/2lb per day is normal for most hikers.

  2. phil from Dubbo NSW

    Will miss your posts. I always read them as soon as they arrive. Good luck with this long section.


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