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24th July

25.6 miles

Dead  Ox Creek (1545.9) to Larson Creek (1571.5)

For the most part the trail was in good condition today. It looked new. It looked well maintained. But it was also scenically challenged. Nothing more than an approach walk to the Wind River Range.

I was alone all day. Except for a southbound hiker that I passed in the middle of the day. He said nothing more than hello then he was gone.

My pack was heavy. I was carrying 8 days food. I was saved from an even heavier pack by the abundance of water. I rarely carried any water at all. I chose to stop when I was thirsty at the nearest stream and drank till I was satisfied, tipping the rest of the water out. I guess that’s why I’m surprised I covered the miles I did.

I set up camp at around 7pm. Around an hour earlier than normal. It wasn’t worth going any further as I’d have to climb over a pass and campsites may not present themselves. I camped next to a stream and washed my filthy body.

I opened my pack to get out my gear to set up camp. Food had exploded in my pack. A zip lock bag containing M&Ms had opened and leached through everything. So had a zip lock bag containing pasta. I’m heading into grizzly bear country and my backpack smells of food. Great. I’ll have to wash my backpack in a lake in the coming days. Epic camping fail.

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4 Responses

  1. Andi

    Wow! You’ve invented new camp cuisine…entree and dessert in one! Have been enjoying your adventures! Thank you for sharing and stay safe! (Bear encounters only from a distance!)

  2. Roy

    Is your route going to take you thru Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone?

    • BikeHikeSafari

      I miss Grand Tetons but I hike right through the middle of Yellowstone. I’ll be in Old Faithful Village very soon


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