Day 10 A Day of Rest

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27th April

0 Miles

Silver City

We are all tired and in need of rest. Turns out Crunchmasters toe isn’t too bad. Which is a good thing. We all bought our food for the next few weeks and made a trip to the post office to send supplies further up the trail.

As for me. I’ve had one blister which started about 3 days ago. I didn’t notice it initially and it didn’t cause any discomfort. This morning I noticed a bruised toenail which leaked fluid when I trimmed my toenails. Mental note to self, trim nails prior to commencing a hike. Luckily it is not painful. My feet and ankles are slowly getting accustomed to their new job of long distance hiking. I’ll keep the distance each day to around the 20 mile mark. They should be ready for some long days 2-3 months from now. At least my feet are in much better shape than they were on the PCT last year, well, so far.

Remember that sandstorm I had on Day 5? Well, looks like its predicted to be windy tomorrow. Here’s the weather report.

So who are my hiking buddies? Firstly Spontaneous. He’s from South Korea. And out to hike and cycle the world. Sound familiar? No wonder we are hiking together. He also hiked the PCT last year, that’s where we met. He also cycled from USA to Mexico. True to his name he made a spontaneous decision to hike the CDT only 3-4 weeks ago. He is also a great artist.  You can follow him on Instagram. @spontaneous_yang

One of his many drawings. Used with his permission

My other hiking buddy Crunchmaster, from Tennessee. He has already hiked the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest trail. We met on the PCT where we hiked a couple of hundred miles together. That’s where we hatched the plan to hike the CDT this year.

When he has finished hiking the CDT he will have completed the ‘Triple Crown of hiking. Which are the 3 long trail of USA. The PCT, CDT and AT. Around 8000 miles of hiking trails. At age 21 he will be one of the youngest ‘triple crowners’. He’s also a blogger and keen photographer. You can see his photos in Instagram here @trevorpyke. Or read his version of the trail here

This is how he really looks

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  1. We adventured in Death Valley for a few days and had a mix of weather but all was comfortable, low 90’s. Last Oct. there was a flooding washing out roads and Scotty’s castle. We traveled all the way on a 26 mile dirt road to see the ‘racetrack’ known for the rocks with trails…..didn’t see any trails maybe because of the heavy wash last year. Anyway I was just sharing our outing with a world traveler who has traveled in this desert and knows it well.
    Oh, one more thing with the spring bloom this year there was what they call the ‘super bloom’, saw some but missed the big show. Saw some of the same flowers in your pictures.
    Keep in step with a light heart all will be well, no wonder your ‘Shepard’
    Ron and Laura

    1. Nice. Death Valley is a special place. I may return there at some stage. I do like the desert, it is a magical place.

  2. I’ll be starting the CDT on May 2nd, and I wondered where up trail are you sending your resupplies? By chance Doc Campbell’s and Pie Town? Any where else? Sincerely, Tartan

    1. Hi Tartan. I’m only sending to Doc Campbell’s, Pie Town and Ghost Ranch. I can’t remember after that. I think one place in Colorado and one place in Montana. I’ll buy in town the rest of the way. Good luck. Embrace the brutality. FYI, water has been good so far. Longest carry 18 miles and 14 miles. Water looks gross in the cattle tanks but tastes great once filtered.

  3. your buddies add entertainment to the adventure. great to see. y’all keep safe in that wind when it blows… can be nasty stuff.

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