PCT Day 11 Idyllwild 

PCT Idyllwild

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27th April 2015

Mileage 9

Hurley Creek Campground (161.2) to PCT Idyllwild (170.2)

PCT Idyllwild

Not all who made it to the campground were able to walk the next morning. Only 5 of us hiked to Idyllwild, the rest hitch hiked. Sore feet and knees being the problems. From the campground at campsite 66 there is a mountain bike trail that runs parallel to the road for a mile or so. It meant we were off the road for the narrow shoulder dangerous section of road. The trail then hit a jeep track on the right, we followed it all the way to downtown PCT Idyllwild township.

Not many hikers are taking this option, preferring to hitch hike due to misinformation about the dangers of road walking or speaking with people who have not actually taken the trail. Idyllwild PCT town was a place we were all looking forward to getting to. But the walk on the road wasn’t as bad as expected.

Any other hikers reading this, it is safe to hike the road for the 9.5 miles that I mentioned yesterday. Then follow the path mentioned above. Of course you will need map. So if you have no map, hitch hike!

PCT Idyllwild is a sweet hiker friendly town. For example, how many laundromats do you know will give you free laundry powder and loan you some clothes to wear while you wash all your clothes! Yes they look after us here.

But before the laundry I must tell you that myself, Scotland, Kravitz and Stone Foot (his feet are the colour of the stones, ie disgusting) absolutely murdered 2 monster sized pizzas when we arrived in town. It was an impressive feat. We all rolled out of there.

Later in the evening friends from nearby La Quinta arrived and we met up for dinner. Doug, Marilyn, Lindsay and myself ended up at the nicest restaurant in Idyllwild. What a treat. Thank you all for travelling out here to see me. The huge steak was great. I am honoured.

Oh, for those interested, my trail name is Shepherd. How did I get the name? Kravitz named me. The protector of the herd. So from this moment on, I am ‘Shepherd’.

Road Walk
PCT Idyllwild
On route to Idyllwild PCT town
PCT Idyllwild

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  1. I can see you as Shepherd. You are knowledgeable, experienced and prepared, which would make others confident to be hiking around you. Well done Kravitz.

  2. Kravitz is a wise man. I was thinking “Jughead” …that guy who eats burgers, and everything else in sight, in the Archie comics

  3. Thanks for posting about the alternate! I’ve been looking at the halfmile maps, but it’s definitely nice to hear from someone who has actually hiked through it!

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