Day 26 Bobcats and Hot Tubs


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12th May 2015

Mileage 14.0

Messenger Flat Campground (430.6) to KOA Acton (444.6)


It was 4pm, my sore muscles and tendons slid into the soothing water of the hot tub. That’s right hot tub. I walked 14 miles to get here. Part of the way in pain. I felt I deserved it.

There was a strong wind that persisted throughout the night. So strong that hikers with tarps for tents and hikers who cowboy camped suffered. Despite the tent shaking and rattling all night I had the best nights sleep. I think my body needed it.

I had the most unfortunate wildlife misadventure. By misadventure, I really mean that I missed the adventure. It was a Bobcat. A small feline creature slightly larger than a house cat with large paws, pointy ears  and a stumpy tail. It was about 2 miles from camp. It was sighted by Crunchmaster.

The feline was just casually wandering down the PCT in my direction. I was on the same trail about 5 minutes ahead and totally oblivious. To say I was disappointed was am understatement. There are 2 animals I would really love to see, Bobcats and a Mountain Lion and I just missed the former.

For most of the morning I walked with Crunchmaster, but not at the crucial time of the Bobcat sighting. Tink and Señor Whiskers were also with us for most of the morning. We chatted, mostly about food. Our current cravings. What we really wanted to eat.

If you could eat anything, guilt free, without thought for your waistline, what would it be? That was the basis of the conversation.

We weaved our way down to the valley that contained the KOA RV Park near the little town of Acton. Apparently we are less than 50 miles from Hollywood. But our thoughts were not about movie stars.

Showers. Laundry. Chinese food delivered. Beers. Pizza. Hot Tub. Oh yes the Hot Tub. I was also reunited with many other hikers such as Zig Zag, Stone, Seth and Malia. I will have to wait till tomorrow to see if my aching knee enjoyed the low miles and hot tub today.

bobcat nearby
early morning, the bobcat must have been near this area
desert flowers
strong sweet smell from these flowers
poodle dog bush in flower
Hiking Pacific Crest Trail
Tink and Senor Whiskers
PCT hottub
chillaxing in the hot tub

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14 thoughts on “Day 26 Bobcats and Hot Tubs”

  1. Ate my dinner IN the KOA hot tub; nice. Wow, the pics you get from your camera are really stunning. I’ll be seeing how I can incorporate one to supplement my iPhone 6. I’m going to take more video clips this year, so that will occupy my time. Thinking of you cycling in warm Mexico. ADL

  2. I live up the trail in Tehachapi. Bobcats are almost as plentiful as gophers and squirrels. You are almost guaranteed to see one if you are mindful and “outside your head. ” bobcats are easiest to see after & during a snow. They like to walk right down the trail and the snow makes them stick out better. I guarantee you are walking right past numerous bobcats every day, especially once you get near Tehachapi chaparral.

  3. FOr the last week or so you have been rapidly hiking through my extended backyard. Be cautious, the weather for the next two days may be as bad as the snow last week.

    When you get a chance, something I would like to hear about is how you compose and upload these updates. Also how you get your strategic intel while hiking and how you recharge your technology. You are doing a fantastic job on the postings, thanks.

    • Thanks Alan. Looks like I’ll be ahead of the worst of the weather. I’ve been keeping a very close eye on it. I’ll try and answer your other questions in my posts over the coming days. When I’m finished I’ll write a more comprehensive article on blogging while hiking.

  4. I was surprised to learn you are near Hollywood. With the snow you encountered earlier, I thought you were farther north. Careful with what you wish for. Seeing a mountain lion on foot would be pretty intense, but I do hope your bob cat wish comes true. Good luck!

    • I’m only one mountain range away from the LA sprawl. I don’t even think a lot of the locals know about the wild places so close to LA. Oh and I’m still hopeful of seeing a mountain lion


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