Nero day

Day 8 It’s called a Nero

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24th April 2015

8.9 miles

Warner Springs (109.5) to Bushcamp (118.4)

Nero Day

Apparently when I spend the majority of the day in a town or otherwise chilling out and only complete less than 10 miles in a day it’s called a ‘Nero Day‘. Before doing this thru hiking thingy, 10 miles was considered a decent days worth of hiking. Well, not anymore, apparently.

I was stuck in Warner Springs waiting for a package to be delivered to the post office. I got a message advising me it would be late. Well, it wasn’t late it was very late. Actually it didn’t arrive. Maybe it will arrive next week I am told. Despite enjoying my time in Warner Springs I felt more than ready to move on. So minus the package I set off. Not without catching up with Andy, The Sheriff, and all round good guy.

When time permits he comes to the Resource Centre to meet the hikers, give lifts to the post office and help out if possible. On more than one occasion I heard hikers say that they wished their local Police was like him. I guess you can’t put a price on positive community engagement.

It was 2.30pm when I hit the trail. A lot of hikers were hitch hiking back to near the start of the trail, Lake Morena, for the Kick Off Party. A bit of a gathering of past and current hikers. Part of me thought it would be cool to hang out there. They have lectures on all things hiking, but really I don’t feel a need to be together with such a large group of people.

So instead I’m hiking uphill to the clouds in light drizzle on the kind of day where everything is 50 shades of grey. But it’s great to be on the trail. And thanks to the hikers ahead of me who left maybe $60 worth of freeze dried meals in the free food/hiker box. The double serving of shepherds pie was quite nice tonight. The fruit granola that I will have for breakfast tomorrow was donated by a fellow blogger, I owe you a beer!

Oh, and hello to Neil’s (aka Hendriks) parents who might be reading this, he is doing well! I appreciate that some people reading this have friends or family on the trail and want to know what it’s like, enjoy.

Oh, in case you were wondering what was in the package that I was waiting for, but didn’t receive, Rain Pants. I’m expecting rain and winds up to 65 miles per hour in the next day or so, wish me luck!


Nero Day
10am packup


Andy, Sheriff
Andy, Sheriff and all round good guy


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