scotland hiking with cactus

 25th April 2015

Mileage 21.6

Bushcamp (118.4) to Nance Canyon (140)

I woke with the birds. I slept for 9 hours straight. Not one bit of tossing or turning all night. I was refreshed and some. The temperature was maybe 5 degrees centigrade but it felt colder due to the low cloud. I was rugged up wearing all my layers of clothing when I set off. Within 15 minutes of hiking I passed maybe 10 tents. Their occupants not willing to exit the warmth of the sleeping bag.  Can’t blame them.

I hiked for 3 hours and covered 9 miles without a rest till I made it to Mikes Place. A Trail Angel who opens his home to hikers. I was in need of water so went in to say G’Day. There were still a lot of hikers there. Waking from their beer and Teqila fueled sleep. I found Dennis and Grace still there. I’d met and hiked with them earlier on day 3. They now have trail names, Kravitz and Scotland. A trail name is something given or adopted by a hiker. They then use that name while on trail. Something like a nickname. I don’t have a trail name. At least not yet.

By 2.30pm we hiked about 10 miles to the next water source. A storm was coming. I got hold of the weather report via my phone cell network. 100% chance of rain by 4pm. We made a plan to get to a camp before then. I had no rain pants and as we planned to have lunch the following day at a cafe near the trail it would work great with our timing to camp early. My right knee again started to twinge. It feels like all the muscles joining the lower part of the knee are pulling it tight. Vitamin I fixed it within 15 minutes which leads me to believe it’s just minor inflammation. Still very annoying. 

With minutes to spare we set up our tents in Nance Canyon. It was still early, being 3.30pm. I checked the maps to discover I’d hiked 21.6 miles. There was still 4 hours of sunlight left. I was happy with that kind of distance in such a short time. We all retired to our tents as the expected rain arrived. I cooked dinner early, I was starving, then started writing my diary. It appears after writing a page I fell asleep mid-sentence. I woke maybe 20 minutes later to the sound of rain and wind hitting the tent, still with pen in hand. This hiking thing can be tiring.


low cloud on the trail


my view for most of the morning


water at Mikes Place




Scotland and Kravitz


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  1. Girl Gone Expat

    Quite a distance you were able to cover this day. Love seeing the scenery you are hiking through. Very different than what is looks like here north:) All the cactuses are beautiful!


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