PCT 400 miles

PCT 24 A Day of Trail Angels

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10th May 2015

Mileage 23.3

Little Jimmy Camp (384.3) Bushcamp (407.6)

PCT 400 miles

It was a rather crowded campsite last night. I picked what I thought was a quiet spot away from everybody. I executed the plan well until about 9pm a rather loud sound eminated from one of the two tents near me. It was quite possibly the loudest snoring I ever heard. Tink who was in the other tent near me thought there was a bear in the campsite. Suffice to say I didn’t sleep well and was slow to make it onto the trail.

I set off alone on the trail as it slowly descended through groves of Sugar Pines till it crossed the main highway. I then set off on an unwelcome climb upwards gaining 1500 feet in elevation. After yesterdays effort I was done with climbing but I acknowledge that this is not called the Pacific Valley Trail. 

The PCT then descended back to the road. Near this point I was forced to walk on the main highway. There is a rare and endangered frog surviving in a small pocket of forest near the trail. For protection this area is closed necessitating a road walk. This I did at speed to limit my time exposure to potentially dangerous drivers or more correctly wannabe motorbike racers. 

A short time after the road walk I passed another milestone, PCT 400 miles. The the big ‘I would walk 500 miles’ is next. I was in a good mood due to my recent achievement. I reached a place called Camp Glenwood. Brad (cool name) called me over and asked if I wanted a burger. Of course I would I advised him. I started salivating immediately.

I entered the small one room shack to be greeted by fellow hikers, Zig Zag, Houdini and Zarah (now known as Sobo). Max greeted me inside and asked if I wanted a burger or hot dog. I paused to answer. He asked if I would like one of each. Again I paused.  He said “ok, one of each of is”. I was in total agreement with him. He thrust a cold beer in my hand and offered me a donut while telling me that the Brownies were very nice. What was I to do other than accept this gracious offering. I was starving.

After all the food and a second beer was consumed I found it hard to leave this slice of trail paradise. Three other hikers, Salamander, Treebeard and Forest arrived. It was too easy to stay but I thanked my very gracious hosts, left a donation and continued, if slowly down the trail. 

I was on the trail for less than 45 minutes before a trail runner stopped me to tell me that under his car in the car park only 5 minutes away was some Coke and other trail magic. “Please help yourself”, he told me. He took my photo then ran up the trail. I didn’t even get his name.

When I reached the said car park I was greeted by Ed from nearby Wrightwood. He offered me Gatorade and potato crisps. Wow. After chatting with him for a while all the others I met at Camp Glenwood arrived. I stayed and chatted with all for a while. They mentioned that the gent who left the coke under his car might be offended if we didn’t drink them. So we did. I am unlikely to ever have a day like this again.

Once again I am impressed with the unselfish generosity of the people that I meet. To you all I sincerely say, Thank You.

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Pacific Crest Trail 400 milesPCT  

another climb


Short road walk
the road walk


Trail Magic
from left to right, Max, Salamander, Forest, treebeard, Sobo, Brad, Hudini, zig zag, Shepherd (me)


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