PCT Day 107 Goodbye California, Hello Oregon


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2nd August 2015

Mileage 26.1

Cook and Green Pass (1677.2) to Pope Spring (1703.3)

1.30am. Bright lights woke me. Mrs Smith was busy putting the rain fly on their tent. I didn’t really feel any rain but figured if I didn’t do likewise I might regret it. I’m not sure if there was any further rain, if so I slept through it.

The day started at about 6am with a climb out of our campsite next to the side of the road at Cook and Green Pass. It was only a 1000 foot climb and the cool morning temperature made hiking pleasurable.

Low cloud and dense smoke from nearby fires made visibility very low. At the top of the climb I’m sure the views would have been great, but I didn’t get to see any. An hour or so into the day light drizzle fell. Not heavy enough for me to put on my rain gear, just enough to keep me cool.

Shortly after lunch the drizzle changed to light rain. Northern California was not letting me escape without one last bit of hardship. I put on my rain gear knowing full well that it would stop raining as a result. Sure enough as I set off on the last small climb in California the rain stopped. 

On day 107 at 1550 hours I exited California and entered Oregon. I covered the 1698 miles at an average of 15.87 miles per day. Or for the rest of the world 2733 kilometres at an average of 25.5 kilometres per day. I was very pleased with myself, I really feel like I’ve got this. I simply wrote my name in the trail register, took some photos, had a nip of vodka mixed with Gatorade and continued another 6 or so miles. 

Camp was a flat section of ground near a Pipe Spring. As the sun was getting low in the sky and dinner was being consumed we watched a helicopter dump water on a small fire only 1-2 miles away. I entered my tent while listening to a chorus of howling by nearby coyotes.

celebration of leaving california and entering oregon, 1700miles
vodka and electrolytes! get dehydrated and hydrated at the same time!
writing in the trail register
another fire in the valley
we had trail magic 24 hours earlier under the large rugged mountain on the far left, 24 trail miles away!
helicopter water bombing a fire

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7 thoughts on “PCT Day 107 Goodbye California, Hello Oregon”

  1. Living in Calif, I knew it was a big state but am amazed that the trail is 1700 miles thru the state….I have really enjoyed reading about your journey from day 1 3 1/2 months ago….Be safe and stay healthy….

    • Thanks, it’s a big state. Did you know if I hiked along the I5 interstate highway I would have walked from Mexico to Canada in 90 days, 1381 miles! Crazy long trail but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

      • You are wrong. The exit numbers on I-5 coincide with the mileage. And the last exit is at Hilt which is 796. 4 more miles up the hill and you hit the Or. border. So 800. Give yourself more credit. A great accomplishment. BTW, Oregon I-5 mileage is 308.

  2. Yeah Oregon! And two posts above yours in the register is someone from my hometown, Austin, TX. Hope to add my name to that register one day.


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