PCT Day 108 Onward in Oregon

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  3rd August 2015

Mileage 22.2

Pope Spring (1703.3) to Callahans Lodge (1725.5)

Last night there was snoring from a nearby tent in our camp. Earplugs did little to reduce the noise. Only one person slept well last night and it was neither myself nor Mr & Mrs Smith.

Again it was a cool morning with easy graded terrain which gifted us many miles in a short time. A selection of sugary carbonated water was presented to us in a couple of cooler boxes by an unknown trail angel. Thank you, the coke was just what I needed. I’m liking Oregon already. So easy was the hiking that we covered the 22 miles to Callahans Lodge by 3pm. It’s near the town of Ashland, most hikers jump off trail here but we were in Ashland recently so wanted a place to resupply, shower, do laundry and eat.

We planned a night of luxury in the flash hotel. First beer free for hikers they said. Ok, we said. Several days earlier we dropped off some resupply packages and were told of this great deal. We sat sipping our free beer in the bar. PCT hikers are looked after well at this place, at a cost.

The room was nice and so was the bottomless pasta and bread. Has anybody ever tried combining meat sauce and alfredo sauce with pasta? I have and the result is strangely wonderful. Meatfredo sauce.


same photo as below using the morning sun to balance the light
same photo as above using the light on the ground to balance the light
trail magic, thank you

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