PCT Day 112 Smashing Miles

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  7th August 2015

Mileage 31.9 (51.3km)

Christi’s Spring (1792.1) to Bushcamp (1824)

The trail provided little inspiration today. The inevitable let down from the great day yesterday. There were small hills to climb but on the whole the trail was mostly flat. I did get occasional great views of volcanoes and plains but smoke obscured most of it. The result was that we made good time and covered the miles very quickly. The PCT Oregon Superhighway. I stopped on a few occasions to pick Hucklberries, mmm, very nice. My new favourite berry, but then again the blueberries yesterday were also great.

I mentioned yesterday that I ordered a new set of shoes. These ones have covered about 850 miles and there is now a small internal section that rubs on my heel. I now have a blister. It’s not  a normal blister. Firstly, my feet are so rock hard with calluses that nothing usually bothers them. But in this case I have a blister that formed under a hard layer or rock hard skin. It’s not painful but something I need to deal with. I pop the blister and treat it with a broad spectrum antibiotic. Infected blisters send people off the trail real quick. Hopefully I should be ok. Speaking of which, a couple of days ago I thought I sat in poison oak. I have no rash or other problems so I think it wasn’t poison oak. So far so good.

We hiked a big day today, almost 32 miles. All that and I set up camp, cooked and ate dinner and was in the tent before 8pm. An infestation of bees and yellow jackets (a type of aggression wasp) didn’t make camp life fun this afternoon. 

Tomorrow we make it to Crater Lake. I’ve been looking forward to this place for a while. It will be a weekend and filled with lots of people, something I am not really looking forward to. A shower, laundry, a meal and catching up with some friends, I’m looking forward to that. 


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