PCT Day 116 Oregon Lakes

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  11th August 2015

Mileage 32.6 (52.5)

Bush camp (1898.4) to Charlton Lake (1931.2)

The day started with the first call of the birds, as usual. It was about 6 miles of easy hiking through mystical forests to the Shelter Cove Resort. Which I learned quickly was also known as the vortex. Many hikers had been swept into the beerfest that had occurred in recent days. I picked up my resupply package, ate some hotdogs, chatted with other hikers and got frustrated with the slow wifi. One of the hikers I chatted with was my old hiking buddy, Zig Zag. I feared it would be the last time I see him, as my mikes increase. Good luck Zig Zag.

I mentioned many days ago that I had a decision to make that kept me awake at night. Well, the decision has been made. I set a date for my arrival in Canada. It was done so I could transition into the next leg of my journey after the PCT seamlessly. After the PCT I will jump on my bicycle and cycle down through Central America to South America all the way to the southern tip. It will continue the journey I started last year when I cycled down from Alaska to the Mexico border. Oh and I will return next year for another thru hike, stay tuned! The unfortunate thing about my new schedule is that it seems I have left Mr & Mrs Smith. I miss their company already.

I set off from the resort mid morning. If I stayed longer I may have not wanted to leave. Mr & Mrs Smith had not arrived and the trail grapevine had them camping 15 miles away the night before. The trail climbed and passed by several lakes. I stopped at the first of the lakes called, Lower Roseary Lake. I rested, washed my feet and socks and filled my water bottle. I filled my water bottle prior to washing my feet, of course ! Over the next several miles I passed many lakes. When it started getting late I stopped at Charlton Lake. My body was done for the day. My old hiking buddy Dundee was there. We caught up on trail gossip and all too soon it was dark. At one point I went to fill my water bottle from the lake. I slipped and fell in. I was wearing my boots and they were now soaked through. While in the water I decided to wash myself, my shoes and socks. I will not be enjoying the first few steps tomorrow.  


10am zig zag and shepherd

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