PCT Day 120 Mt Jefferson

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  15th August 2015

Mileage 32

Rockfall Lake (2022.2) to Olallie Lake (2054.2)

I was woken from a very deep sleep by the girls who were up and stirring at about 5am. I made some moves and made it on trail with them just after 6am. There seemed to be little flat trail, it was either up or down for the morning. In fact it stayed that way all day. Low cloud restricted visibility and the promised amazing views of Mt Jefferson didn’t happen until the clouds burnt off around 9.30am.

The wet misty night resulted in wet tents. Our first rest break for the day in bright sun was the perfect opportunity to let the sun get to work. The next section of trail took us down to the infamous Russell Creek. A glacial fed boiling mass of brown water. Fording ment wet feet. Both KC and I chose to jump a 1 metre section of stream. It was significantly harder than it looked. I took little time to think about it. I just backed my judgment and went for it.

I left the girls and set off alone towards Mt Jefferson. I was impressed by this large steep sloped mountain. Glaciers still eroding the surface. It was very hard to walk through this area and not constantly stop to pick the blueberries. At the top of the last saddle for the day I had stunning views of both Mt Hood to the north and Mt Jefferson to the south. It was a fine sight. I waited an eternity for the girls to catch up, they never appeared so I continued on towards Ollalie Lake, our planned camp for the night. I arrived a 7.59pm. The store closed at 8pm. Seriously, I cut it that close. I purchased some beers for the girls to drink when they arrived. By 9pm they didn’t arrive so I drank their beer and fell into a very deep sleep.

misty view from the campsite at 6am
i jumped the 1 metre gap

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