PCT Day 122 To Timberline Lodge

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  17th August 2015

Mileage 12.8

Bushcamp (2094.2) to Timberline Lodge (2107)

The long miles I covered yesterday gave me the luxury of a sleep in. It was 6.15am when I woke. As could be expected I slept very well last night and any sign of lethargy or pain failed to appear.

I hiked only several miles when I was greeted by Alison (from https://takeahikephotography.wordpress.com) and her mother. Trail magic. They were kind enough to cook up a toasted cheese southern specialty (sorry I can’t remember the name of it), Dr Pepper (my favourite), beer, donuts and other assorted goodies. Several other hikers joined us, Minty Fresh, Over Easy, CC, Hummingbird and KC. Thank you so much for your kindness.

It was late afternoon when Hummingbird, KC and I climbed the long, slow and trail to Timberline Lodge. Legs were burning when we entered the most expensive accomodation I am ever likely to stay in, ever. While standing outside, covered in dirt mixed with sweat I was conscious of being stared at. It was mildly amusing when I caught I lady staring in disgust at the dirt that clung to KCs legs and clothes. And we didn’t smell much better. The shower that night was quite possibly the best ever! There was a surprise visitor in our room. Hummingbirds husband flew in for a surprise visit. After several beers and a steak that would make Fred Flintstone happy I settled in for the worst nights sleep of the whole trip. 

Mt Hood

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