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  19th August 2015

Mileage 27.4

Salvation Springs (2127.7) to Cascade Locks (2155.1)

I was excited about the day. I would hike the alternative route called the Eagle Creek Trail.  I would end in my day in Cascade Locks, the end of Oregon and start of Washington. 

To get to the Eagle Creek trail I had to take a rough goat track for about 1.5 miles. And it was rough, slow and  steep. The reward was a stunning trail for several miles past stunning gorges, waterfalls and tempting swimming holes. At one of the swimming holes I ran into my two favourite Hawaiians, Seth and Malia. Know known as Stitch and Otter. Great to catch up with them again, I thought they were many miles ahead. They introduced me to a simple, easy to make and tasty dessert. They had picked a batch of Huckleberries then made up an instant cheesecake. Cheesecake and Huckleberries! Talk about intense flavours. That instant cheesecake meal will be in my backpack from now on! It really hit the spot.

Together we walked the rest of the way to Cascade Locks. What a day, what a week or two, so ends my hike in Oregon. Wow, that went by quick!




instant cheesecake and huckleberries


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  1. Bob

    OH WOW, what great pics. I don’t know what I am going to do when you finish the PCT. I have so enjoyed the posts, it is truly wonderful to follow along. I am so going to miss your journals.

  2. Heather

    What a beautiful section of the trail! I’ve seen pictures of that waterfall before and think it would be awesome to walk through the tunnel behind it.

  3. Gina

    So beautiful there! Such awesome pictures of the waterfall, I love how you are on both sides of the tunnel. Northern Oregon is my favorite part of the trail so far!
    Otter and Stitch are now full of Thai food and settling in for a few days of family time in Portland.
    Thank you for taking us along on your incredible journey.
    Stay safe in Washington, and I hope you make you goal date for finish.


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