PCT Day 132 White Pass

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  27th August 2015

Mileage 26

Lutz Lake (2290.7) to Bumping River (2316.7)

Miles to Canada 343.4 (552km)

Yesterday was so smokey, yet this morning was crystal clear. Who’d of picked it. No smoke, the air smelt fresh and there was a gentle cool breeze. As I ascended from camp to the high point I looked around behind me to see Goat Rocks. Clear and splendid. Would’ve been a great day to be there. 

I looked forward, to the north and it too looked clear and splendid. To my left was the massive Mt Rainier. At over 14000 feet it’s the highest volcano in this part of the Pacific Northwest. I saw glimpses of it from the road walk I did two days ago. Now it was large and dominated the landscape.

By midday I dropped down to White Pass to resupply, eat, charge electrical gizmos and catch up on the latest fire information. But it was not the fire information that caught my eye. It was the weather forecast. 2-5 inches of rain and 50mph wind in two days time. That could be great for extinguishing the fires but not fun to hike or camp in. I’m an all weather hiker. That means I’m prepared mentally and have all the gear to hike in extreme heat, cold, torrential rain or snow. I may not like being cold and wet but I’m up for it. I resupplied easily at the Kracker Barrel store. Mainly from the excess food that other hikers didn’t need. I only needed to buy some snacks and a gas canister. Most hikers who send themselves packages to pick up along the way pack too much stuff. If I wasn’t too fussy for snacks or chocolate or mystery meals I could almost hike this whole PCT and not buy any food. Seriously I could have.

It was around 2pm when Crunchmaster and I got back on trail. The 5 Dr Peppers I drank from the free hiker box gave me the sugar rush to get me up the hill. By 7.30 I rolled into camp for the night after having a close call with an excited Elk. It ran through the bush louder than any bear or Sasquatch could. At camp I walked past a tent and yelled, “Sally is that you”. “No way”, was the reply. It was Sally my Canadian friend and future PCT 2016 hiker. We finally found each other. Crunchmaster arrived and we all chatted over a couple of beers I took from the free hiker box till darkness, the bright moon and sleepiness sent is all to bed. 


shepherd, sally and crunchmaster

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