PCT Day 133 Rain and Mountain Goats

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  28th August 2015

Mileage 28.7

Bumping River (2316.7) to Bushcamp (2345.4)

Miles to Canada 314.7 (506km)

Several water droplets landed on my face and woke me from a deep sleep. It was just before 3am and my decision not to put the rain fly on the tent proved to be a mistake. There wasn’t much rain around, just enough to be annoying.

There was splashes of light rain in the morning as I packed up and bid farewell to Sally. Next time I see her will be at Manning Park in Canada when I finish the hike. The rain continued, sometimes heavy as I trudged up the hill from camp. Low cloud and mist filled the mountain tops and the valleys. It was not pleasant hiking but I took pleasure in watching the raindrops form on leaves. Not in all the leaves. Some seem to have a leathery wax coating, other do not. It also became apparent to me for the first time that summer is fading. Whole hillsides are starting to turn shades of red, orange and yellow. Winter is approaching.

The first half of the days hike saw Crunchmaster and I hike to Chillkoot Pass. Popular with tourists. We were both ravenous hungry so ate a substantial amount of our pack weight. I also dried out my boots and socks that were drenched from the mornings hike. The rain looked like it might stop for the afternoon. 

There was a climb out of Chillkoot Pass. Once at the top the views were stunning. They stayed that way for the remainder of the day. And to my surprise I had the best cell phone signal for the whole hike. Here in the middle of nowhere. Hiking from ridgetop to ridgetop. Mt Rainer to my left, though covered in cloud, Mt Adams and Goat Rocks many miles behind me. The weather was very overcast but visibility was amazing, specially considering recent days.

A couple of miles from camp we passed a large group of mountain goats. Hard to tell how many cause they constantly kept moving up, down and around the side of the mountain. Maybe 30 in total. Another stunning day. 



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