31st August 2015

Mileage 15.3

Snoqualamie Pass (2401.9) to Stockcamp (2417.2)

Miles to Canada 242.8 (390km)

It was 1.30pm when I finally said goodbye to Crunchmaster and set off from Snoqualamie Pass alone. Drizzle fell from the sky onto my rain jacket and rain pants. Before long the drizzle turned to rain then back to drizzle again and so the cycle continued all day. This is what I expected it to be like in Washington for at least some part of my hike. Mentally I was prepared for it. 

Leaving so late I didn’t expect to get very far. In fact I planned to make camp early. By early I meant at sometime between 5-6pm. Then I’d be warm, dry and have dinner finished early. I might even have my blog typed up before it got dark. As the afternoon progressed I felt more and more energised. I didn’t want to stop. The rain and drizzle continued and the clouds rolled in. Any chance of seeing the views were gone. As the afternoon progressed I planned my camp for the night and thought I had plenty of time to get there. But Washington had other ideas. First the clouds started to periodically break up. The views of the steep mountains, blue lakes and deep valleys appeared. I stopped so many times just to look around. Stunning scenery. I was reminded on several occasions of some of the hikes I’ve done in Tasmania. It looked similar and the weather reminded me of Tasmania. Beautiful most of the time but when a storm makes its way up from Antarctica it can bring weather just like I was experiencing today. Today I really felt like I was experiencing the real Washington. I spent so much time in the afternoon just admiring the scenery that time completely slipped away from me. It was almost dark and I had 2 miles to the nearest patch of flat ground. The boulder fields slowed me down and I arrived at the first flat piece of ground during darkness. In the wind, rain and darkness I set up my tent, crawled in and stripped off my damp clothes. It felt so comfortable to be in the tent, well fed and wrapped up in my sleeping bag.  



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  1. Tom Pyke

    Wishing you the best as you complete your hike. Would have liked Crunchmaster to have finished with you but plans with his brother this coming weekend would have interfered. He has no firm end date so there’s no reason for him to push. I will continue to follow you and look forward to seeing your outstanding photos.


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