PCT Day 143 A day with no rain!

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  7th September 2015

Mileage 25.8

Vista Creek (2544.8) to Cedar Camp (2570.6)

Miles to Canada 89.5 (144km)

I was too tired to get moving in the morning. I was motivated but my body is just so worn down. My first steps of the day were lacking purpose, luckily the first few miles were downhill through a relatively new section of trail that led to a newly built bridge over the Suittle River. The trail passed some very tall old growth forest, there’s not much of that left. 

When the trail started uphill my legs lacked the strength to move me forward with any speed. My leg muscles have shrunk dramatically on this hike. Not just my leg muscles but all my muscles. Just in the recent weeks in Washington I feel I’ve lost another 5kg (11lb). I might sound like a broken record but I’m exhausted. Anyway, I finally made it to the top of the 11 mile climb in the record time of 6.5 hours! 

There has been little foot traffic in this section of trail as it had been closed for the majority of the hiker season. In fact I was one of the first hikers through this section of trail. The view down both valleys from the top was awesome ruggedness. Snow capped mountains, glacial valleys and overgrown woodlands. As the trail progressed down the valley there was the last remnants of a hanging glacier. A shadow of its former self. I suspect it will be completely gone in 10 years. I finally caught and passed the owners of the footprints I’ve been following. Hikers I’ve never met before.

This section of trail was closed due to a fire very close to the trail. It was still smouldering nearby as I made my way to camp. A clear path of burnt trees lay near the river and up the steep side gorges. This was the Blankenship fire at one point. 


yes i walked across it
fire scars from the fire that closed the pct
smoke still rising from the fire that closed the pct for many weeks

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