9th September 2015

Mileage 25.9

Bridge Creek (2587.9) to Golden Creek (2613.8)

Miles to Canada 46.3 (74km)

When I opened up my tent in the morning, what a sight, blue sky. Oh how good it was to see. Reward for perseverance. It was a pleasure to be out hiking. All the pain and suffering of the last week or more started to fade from memory.

The trail was uphill all day until the last two hours of the day. It wasn’t steep and for a lot of the way the grade was so gentle I hardly knew I was climbing. A far cry from recent days. With the sun came the snakes and insects and butterflies. Life was moving on in the animal world. 

I reached Rainy Pass in bright sunshine at midday. I signed the PCT register. Not a lot of hikers around. Back in the desert there were around 40-50 hikers per day. Now there’s 5-8 thru hikers per day passing through. I’m still here and still moving north. I’m very proud of that fact right now after all I’ve suffered.

After lunch at Rainy Pass I continued climbing to Cutthroat Pass and onto Methow Pass. Steep sided mountains as far as I could see in every direction. It was so stunning I considered camping in this area. It was early but I had time and the weather was beautiful, so why not keep going I thought. I decided not to camp but to linger and make my way along the stunning route slowly.

It was around 5.30pm when I started my descent from Methow Pass. I was conscious of the ever shortening daylight hours. Just after 7pm I set up camp next to a stream. Within 30 minutes it was dark and by 8pm it was pitch black. 

I’m getting oh so close to Canada. I can almost see it. As the crow flys the Canadian border is 26.5 miles away, it will take me 46.3 PCT miles to get there. The full extent of what I have done is starting to sink in. This has been one incredible journey for me. 




the snakes have been out the last couple of days


strangly i love the bridges in washington


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14 Responses

  1. Rick

    Well done Brad! I have followed you and am inspired. I can’t wait to read the book. Rick 2016

  2. Scott Bassett

    I just discovered your blog less than 12 hours ago. I discovered and read your entire blog today. Ok, only to Day 145. You are an amazing writer & photographer You took me on quite a ride. I am 50 years old and very curious to your age. Any chance you want to reveal that?

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Hi Scott, thanks for the kind words. Reading the whole blog in a day is an awesome effort. I’m 45, no secret. Luckily I’m healthy enough to be able to do this.


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