10th September 2015

Mileage 23.3

Golden Creek (2613.8) to Bushcamp (2637.1)

Miles from Canada 23 (37km)

I was awfully slow at packing up and getting on trail this morning. As I was packing up my tent I watched a hiker run past me. That’s right, run past me. He didn’t even see me. I later heard he was trying to hike/run a 50-60 mile day all the way to Canada. Good luck with that, each to their own. 

As for me it was a slow morning climbing up to Glacier Pass then up to some stunning ridge walking. As I was climbing I caught up to a large group of youths with their trip leaders. One of the trip leaders was Gretchen, also known as Lighting Pad and later Dirty Bowl. I hiked with her for the first week in the desert. We hadn’t seen each other since Warner Springs, Day 6, over 2500 miles ago. So great to catch up with her. After leading the youths along the trail she will rejoin and finish a couple of days behind me. I love it how stuff like this happens on the trail.

The views from the hike along the high ridges were equal to some of the most stunning mountain scenery of the whole hike. The trail wound its way around from the crest of one ridge to another. Each presenting me with another view of endless rugged peaks and deep valleys.

I descended to Harts Pass rather tired and ready for a break. A local trail angel called Meander was there. He was eager for good conversation and equally eager to feed me. In Australia we would call it a ‘Sausage Sanga’, a sausage sandwich. Apparently it’s called a bratwurst or something over here! A couple of muffins and some sugar drinks lifted both my energy and spirits.  I hiked on a couple more miles before darkness started approaching. Again I camped alone. 

Tomorrow I’ll be in Canada. This is really happening, I’m really doing this.





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11 Responses

  1. Heather

    All of the photographs and views are just gorgeous, but especially today’s 10 AM photo ~ the colors are so brilliant and vivid. It must have felt amazing to know that you only had 23 miles left to go!

  2. Gina

    Oh Shepherd I’m so excited for you! I know by now you are done, but I’m reading your blog like a great novel I don’t want to end!
    Thank you again for taking the time to share your journey with everyone. Good luck on your next adventure!

  3. ADL

    I was also privileged to get trail magic from Meander at Hart’s Pass. He was also providing lots of rides for hikers trying to navigate the Blankenship fire detour.


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