pct big bear

PCT Day 17 – Trapped in the Vortex

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3rd May 2015

Mileage 0

Big Bear Lake (266.0)

PCT Big Bear

Yesterday didn’t allow me hardly any down time. So today I found myself trapped in the trail town vortex. Good food, great company, rest and recreation. I chose to stay an extra day in town to allow my body to repair itself. It has also allowed me to catch up with other hikers that I have jumped ahead of in recent days such as Scotland, Kravitz and about 10 others that I know. It’s all very social here.

Oh, and before I forget I have been leap frogging a hiker named Zig Zag from New Zealand. We had breakfast together yesterday and stayed in the same dorm room at the lovely Big Bear Lake Hostel. I believe his wife reads this blog, so hello to you from Zig Zag and myself.

For those of you on Instagram, I have a page that includes some favourite photos of the trail and everyday at 10am I have been taking a photo of wherever I am on the trail. Click here for the @BikeHikeSafari link.

I will hit the trail tomorrow after a trip to the post office to send my bounce box ahead several hundred miles. Although my time in town has been great to reset the body, I am very excited to be out on the trail again. It is addictive.

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