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18th May 2015

Mileage 1.4 (2.6km)

Roadside Camp (565.1) to Mojave (566.5)


Stonefoot asked me as soon as I woke up if I heard the cows last night. I didn’t really hear to much once I fell asleep. He went on to tell me a heard of cows walked through our camp. Ear plugs are great, I thought.

Again I hobbled along 1.4 miles to the nearby highway and rang one of the local Mojave Trail Angels, Jetta Blue. She picked up myself, Stonefoot and Zig Zag. I had to bid farewell to Tink, she was heading to nearby Tehachapi the back on trail as soon as possible. Hopefully I’ll catch up with her again, it’s been fun, stay safe Tink.

By 8am, yes 8am we were checked into the Motel 6. A shower revealed that I was not as suntanned as I thought. The mirror revealed that I’ve lost a bit more weight than I would have liked. Clean and smelling nice Stonefoot and I committed mayhem at the nearby Denny’s. Their breakfast was much better than my normal oats and Folgers coffee.

So for now, I’m going to rest and put on as much weight as possible. Maybe 2-3 days and I should be ok. Not that I’m in a rush to leave. About a weeks hike from here are the High Sierras and the weather forecast is not looking too good. Snow and rain. Time to chillax.

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  1. Rick Parker

    Enjoying your blog. Hoping you the best during your time in Mojave. I grew up in Lancaster – just south. Mojave isn’t the end of the world but you can see if from there.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Mojave has everything a hiker could need and all within walking distance, I choose to see the positive sides of this strange and quirky town!


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