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PCT Day 33 Mobile Blogging and Recharging

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19th May 2015

Mileage 0

Mojave (566.5)

Blogging PCT

This morning a bid farewell to another of my hiking buddies, Stonefoot as he headed north. I will stay behind to allow my body to heal. I have been hiking with a Physiotherapist recently and have been advised that it would be about 10 days before my ankle would be healed.

The tendons around my ankle are the problem. Not the kind of news I wanted to hear. I was also advised that after about 3 days things should be OK to hike but would take quite a while longer to fully heal itself. So I will rest and prepare to head out hiking by Thursday afternoon.

I thought as I am resting in town in might let people now how I write my blog and what technology I am using on the trail. Everything I do is on my Iphone 5. Firstly, I write my blog on the WordPress App which can be used offline. My camera (Canon G16 + spare battery) has WiFi and allows me to transfer all my photos to my phone, I then upload them to my WordPress App.

All this is done in the evening while lounging around camp. It normally takes me around 45 minutes to write, transfer photos and upload everything. I apologise for my poor grammer or spelling, I don’t have the time to proof read or re-write things as much as I might like.

I send out my blog post when I have Cell Phone reception, I am using AT&T. Sometimes I have no cell phone reception for days. And it will get worse as I leave my relative comfort of Mojave. I also link the blog to my FaceBook Site and when I have time I also send photos to my Instagram.

Navigation is primarily through the Guthook App when on trail and Pocket Earth App when in town.

I check the weather on my ‘Weather Channel’ App. I check where the next water is on the PCT Water Report. I download the latest reports on a regular basis and transfer it to my Ibooks on my phone.

While hiking I listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks and at night if I have time and energy I read books on the Kindle App on my phone.

All this drains the battery on my phone. At the end of everyday I charge my phone with my PowerGen 12000mAh battery. This gives me about 7-9 days of charge to my Iphone. When I arrive in town I seek out a power outlet to charge my phone and PowerGen battery.

I carry a USB charger and cables with me. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge the battery. All cafes, hostels etc so far have power outlets for hikers. I think 4 hours is the shortest amount of time I have spent in a town so that is enough to ‘top up’ the charge on my electronics.

I also travel with a bounce box that I post to myself as I travel down the trail. It contains my camera battery charger, spare shoes, toiletries, extra food etc. As I travel to the cold of the Sierras I take out my cold weather gear to hike with, when I get further north I will bounce my clothes further down the trail. I generally post it down the trail every 150-200 miles or so. Everything I mentioned seems to work well for me and still gives me the time to enjoy the trail without spending too much time focusing on technology.

Refer to my current gear list for more information on what I carry.


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  1. Hi Brad, As I prepare for PCT 2016, I had pages of questions to ask you. You just answered half of them. Thanks for sharing your valuable information. My house is going up for sale in 2 weeks and I have been hiking, with a pack of course, but have now added trekking poles. Something I have always thought was for old people! Duh! Wrong. I have seen and read of lots of thru hikers using them and now see the benefit. Don’t apologize for spelling or grammar. Your blog is awesome! Inspiring! You rock!………..but now it’s time to rest Shepherd. Cheers!

    1. Wow, house for sale. I like the level of commitment. Keep writing the questions down, I’ll answer them, if I can, but I will make it to Canada to catch up with you guys by September. And I am now a fan of trekking poles. Only started using them since Big Bear.

    2. Whoa, Sally, now YOU’RE hiking the PCT too? Shepherd has started a trend, he’s infectious! I am very impressed with your decision Sally, and Shepherd, you’re genuinely my hero.

  2. You might want to get some horse wrap to wrap around your ankles. I get mine at walmart but you may be able to find it at a feed store. I do not know what is available in Mojave.

  3. Brad,
    If you are looking for things to listen to on the trail, may I suggest Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast. I just finished the Blueprint for Armageddon series. It’s a 6 part series on WWI. It’s exceptionally well done. In fact before listening to Dan Carlin’s podcast I thought that history was not a subject worth learning about. I’ve been proven wrong. Another excellent series on Hardcore history is the Wrath of Khan.

    I hope your ankle recovers quickly so you can get back out on the trail. Enjoy the warm showers while you rest your ankle 🙂

  4. Cool! Thanks for the info. I am impressed that you can create these posts out on the trail with your phone. I think it would take me forever to write all that text on my iPhone!
    If you get bored off the trail, maybe you’d like to check out our blog:
    We have some info about some other great treks that will seem like a piece of cake after hiking the PCT! 🙂

    1. I’ve already read some of your blog, including the article on
      I too have written several articles for them. I’m very keen to hike the Wonderland Trail if I finish the trail with lots of time to spare. Oh and mobile blogging with the phone is actually much quicker than you might think. There is also the dictation function if that works for you.

      1. That’s a trail I have had my eye in for a while now. I will have to re-read it now that I “know” you.
        We met a guy on the Wonderland last year who got off the PCT at the Washington border. It was late July, and he had been hiking from Mexico since May. He said that he just started feeling like it was his job. I wish hiking were my job! 🙂

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