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20th May 2015

Mileage 0

Mojave (566.5)

I sat in my hotel room resting. I watched a documentary about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail called, ‘Do More With Less’. Inspiring. They nailed it.

Everything about this documentary I have or will experience. Any person in this video could be me, well all except the guy with nail polish! Definitely not the guy with nail polish. It is the best representation of me and what it is to do the trail. Its a long video but for those with the means and the time. Enjoy. Oh and I should be back on trail tomorrow. It is slightly better than my attempt a making a video.

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  1. tandemtrekking

    pretty awesome, hu? We know Eric from the AT (hiked it the same year as him) and he is an awesome filmographer! I bet it really hit home since you are on the PCT right now!

  2. bearbait2016

    I saw that documentary a few weeks back! Pretty awesome. If you want another great documentary about the PCT for your next zero, search Youtube for As It Happens: Pacific Crest Trail by The Dusty Camel. The slow-motion capture video of nature on the trail is spectacular.


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