Golden Oak Springs

PCT Day 36 Emotional Rollercoaster

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22nd May 2015

Mileage 24.5 (39.4km)

Bushcamp (573.4) to Wildflower Camp (597.9)

Golden Oak Springs

The strong wind of last night did little to stop my strong desire for sleep. Again I was asleep prior to the setting of the sun. When I stuck my head outside my tent I saw clouds being thrown through the atmosphere at high speed. With all my layers of clothing on I set off. No views and little wildflowers punctuated the first couple of hours of the hike. There were many trees which grabbed the moisture from the clouds causing water droplets to form around every tree of substance. Many water droplets fell onto my down jacket this morning.

Several hours hiking and I made it to Golden Oak Springs. I recently repair water source of critical importance. There were several hikes there and to my complete surprise I met Kravitz and Scotland. I hadn’t seen them for many weeks. We embraced and swapped stories. I found out they are now called ‘Ego and Twist’. Their names recently changed, as sometimes happens on the trail. Dundee was also at the spring telling of his similar forced lay over. The road walk damaged his body too. My slow pace had me soon walking alone. Again.

The pain in my ankle started to increase and my walking pace slowed. I stopped for a stretch and a rest. Within less than a minute I was asleep. When I woke I was cold even though I was wearing every layer of clothing I had. I started off down the trail, looking and feeling like somebody in a nursing home. My legs were stiff. Gone was the fluid motion I had weeks before. It all started to overwhelm me. A tear started to stream down my face. I was at rock bottom. I’m not a quitter, I told myself. But the doubts started to creep in. I put my headphones in and listened to some music which seemed to temper my down mood.

My body started to loosen up and as that happened I saw a nice patch of wildflowers which had been obviously lacking on the trail so far this morning. I stopped to photograph them, but also to remind myself of the low point and that things can and will only get better. I rounded a corner and opened a gate that appeared to separate two fenced paddocks. When I entered this new paddock I was greeted by wildflowers and tall grasses starting to seed. Amazingly my mind was temporarily distracted and forgot about my low mood and ankle pain. All things seemed renewed again. When I realised all this another streamed down my face. Things will be alright, I thought. I am inspired by nature.

The weather was average all day. In the afternoon I started to see the amazing beauty in the high desert cloud forest. Moss covered trees, wildflowers and many new species of trees and shrubs that I had not noticed before. I found if I kept moving my ankle would not protest too much. And keep going I did. By 5pm I started looking for a place to call home for the night. I found a semi flat meadow among cloud covered wildflowers. A perfect place to call it a day, I thought. I was rather shocked when I calculated my mileage for the day, 24.5 miles (39.4 km). Didn’t think I had it in me.


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