mountains and meadows

PCT Day 46 Mountains and Meadows

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1st June 2015

Mileage 15.3 (24.6km)

Chicken Spring Lake (751) to Whitney Creek (766.3)

Mountains and Meadows

It was cold and windy overnight. I woke during the night thinking that somebody was shining a bright light on my tent. It was the almost full moon.

With only a short distance to cover we were eagerly waiting for the sun to rise above the surrounding ranges. When it made an appearance we packed and started on the trail. The morning hiking was stunning. Stunted pine trees against a deep blue sky. Snow capped mountains. Grassy meadows. For most of us this is what hiking the PCT was all about.

At lunch we all stopped at Rock Creek for an extended lunch break. We all soaked our feet in the ice cold water. Curious trout swimming past us occasionally rising to grab a meal of insects. We also snoozed. Life was good for all of us.

We arrived at Whitney Creek by 5pm. Mule Deer were grazing in the grassy meadow. The wind was still and the only sounds came from nearby rapids in the creek, the birds or the fighter jets that flew overhead at irregular intervals. As the sun set lower in the west the surrounding mountains looked like that had been painted by an artist. We cooked our dinners overlooking the meadow and mountains. It was hard to take our eyes away from the views at camp during the evening.





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