Lone Pine

PCT Day 50 Lone Pine

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5th June 2015

Mileage 0

Lone Pine( 788.8)

Lone Pine

Last night dragged into the wee hours as we crammed 7 people into a hotel room to watch ‘Top Gun’ on the big screen TV. Turns out we are all Top Gun nuts. We recite the words to the movie better than we remember what we ate for dinner last night.

As usual we wake early, all not wanting to be the first person to make the move to the bathroom. Considering I ate so much food yesterday I’m not overly hungry. It is estimated I consumed around 9000 calories yesterday. That’s equal to about 1kg (2lb) of body fat! Sounds gross but there is no shame in eating huge quantities of food when in town, us PCT hikers are legendary eaters.

With the sleeping bag and clothes washed, food resupply purchased and repackaged and bounce box posted further up the trail I was finally able to rest and relax. So I went to a dive bar to drink beer and shoot pool. Mr Smith and KC joined me. A couple of beers and 3 undefeated games of pool later I passed out in the room for a well needed siesta. A day off the trail is rarely a rest day.

Lone Pine is a sweet little town to rest and resupply. I was here last year when I cycled through this area on route from Alaska to the Mexico border, so I knew what to expect. Great pizza, outdoor stores, grocery stores, bars and a chilled atmosphere.

I must say I’m ready to head back on the trail, our group of 6 hikers is growing larger. I’m looking forward to both the next week of hiking and the great group of hikers I’m with. Just a note that I’ll be out in the wild for the next week so it will be a while before there are any more updates. Sorry for no photos today.

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