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PCT Day 55 Rain but Pain Free

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10th June 2015

Mileage 16.2

Riverside Camp (845.9) to Bushcamp (862.1)

Rain Pain

I had a dream that something was trying to eat its way into my tent. When the gentle pattering of raindrops hit my tent at about 5am I discovered it wasn’t a dream. I now have two holes in my tent big enough to allow mosquitoes, flies and other nasties into my tent.

The rain and drizzle sent me back to sleep for another 90 minutes. I woke thinking it was midday. Packed, breakfast and on trail until Evolution Creek had to be forded. No rocks or logs on this crossing. I just ploughed straight through, wet shoes and all. I took the opportunity to wash dirty clothes and wait for the others to arrive. KC was miles ahead, Outland was right behind followed by Mr & Mrs Smith then Hummingbird and Teflon. As it was 10am we chose to load up on some carbs. For me it was granola bars which I dunk in cake frosting. Very sweet and loaded of calories. Just what I needed on this cold wet day.

Rain showers were the order of the day. Every time I took my rain jacket off it would start raining within 10 minutes. I was told on a couple of occasions not to remove my jacket. It was a stop start hike. I changed clothes more times than I can remember.

The trail was downhill for most of the day with only a short 2 hour climb in the afternoon. There was some heavy rain and sleet during the climb. The nearby mountains, valleys and meadows sporadically revealed themselves in between rain showers. Camp was another social gathering several miles from the top of Seldon Pass.

I learned a lesson during my last stint in the Sierras. Take lots of food. During my last resupply I bought maybe too much food. I cooked two full sized meals for dinner tonight. That should satisfy my hunger and lighten my pack weight, win win!

A couple of weeks ago I damaged my ankle quite badly and had some days off the trail in the town of Mojave. Well, as if yesterday I am now able to hike without taking Ibuprofen in the morning to stop the swelling and numb the pain. Finally. Now I feel ready to enjoy the trail pain free.


rain and pain free PCT



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