PCT Day 58 Run to Town

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13th June 2015

Mileage 6.7

Deer Creek (901) to Mammoth Lake (907.7)

There was an expectant rush among my hiking colleagues, we were making it into town. Unlimited food, drink, showers, laundry and whatever civilised things that might take my fancy. Trouble is I wasn’t looking forward to civilisation as much as everybody else. Living in my tent on the trail has become my home, my civilisation. It provides me with everything I need and want.

I was late in leaving camp. I guess I was in no rush to make it to the town of Mammoth. The trail was only 2 hours but I lingered, enjoying the broken and twisted landscape. Some natural disaster befallen the Pine trees. I was surprised to meet Ego and Twist. They detoured off trail when one of their hiking friends became injured. I will not go into detail or name that hiker but I wish them a speedy recovery.

I reached the supply base of Red Meadow. I could re supply from the store and remain out here, I thought. Everybody was consuming a cold beer. I was told I could get a Fosters at the store. I mentioned that nobody would dare drink that horrific stuff. I grabbed a Pale Ale and joined in toasting our fantastic couple of days. The celebration lingered longer. One more beer, it’s not good form to drink on an empty stomach in the morning. We restrained ourselves and caught several buses into town, demolished a burger then crammed 6 people into a 4 person room. Shower and laundry rosters were done and some of the ladies put some nail treatment employees in a rather uncomfortable position. They worked miracles. Hikers feet and nails are not known for their sweet smells or cleanliness.

Dinner was at the Mammoth Brewing Company. I received some inside information that Zig Zag had his birthday yesterday. I planned to surprise him with a birthday cake. Only problem was I couldn’t find a cake or candles in time, so a slice of the house cake was served to an uncoordinated version of Happy Birthday.




craving bacon, beer and coffee!

happy birthday Zig Zag


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