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  6th July 2015

Mileage 27.1

Bushcamp (1208.6) to LaPorte Rd Creek (1235.7)

I seem to sleep so much better on the trail. Being in towns with the distractions of food, beer, Internet and good company usually means late sleepless nights. General conversation with other hikers seem to indicate that I am not alone. Towns can be a trap. In future plan to spend much more time on trail than in towns. 

Well rested I followed the trail in the early morning light. Over time Sierra Buttes, the high mountains near Sierra City faded into the distance. I mostly hiked alone. I’m unaware if the others even left town yesterday. Did they get another meal, then decide to stay another day, I don’t know. With no cell service I’m unlikely to know. All I can do is keep hiking, it’s all I know, I don’t have enough food to slow down and wait. Worse case scenario we have several places further down the trail we plan to meet up. Hope they catch up.

I linger on the trail. I took two long lunch breaks and a long dinner break in the hope that the others would catch up. I have now resigned myself to the fact that the group I have hiked with for over 500 miles will not catch up to me today, hopefully tomorrow. In the late afternoon I made camp near a small sealed highway. I set up my tent and wandered down the road for 5 minutes till I found water. You know those small stream that you see passing under highways? That was my drinking and bath water for tonight!

As the sun started to set I discovered multiple mosquitos in my tent. The zipper had broke leaving a wide gap for them to enter at their pleasure, and enter they did. Several of them shed blood on the tent walls. The blood being mine of course. I fixed the zipper, even if it’s only temporary. In the process of fixing the zipper I looked at the bright orange sky. The clouds and sunset were doing their thing. This reminded me why I am here. I love the natural world with all its diversity. 



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  1. Karen

    I have been in Glacier Park for the past week, hiking many trails. It has given me a whole new (renewed) respect for thru hikers. As Carney said, Thanks for taking us along.

  2. anna

    Good to see you back in “shep” mode! And thanks for answering my tent question. Ill go the copper spur. Thanks as always!

  3. carney

    Mate keep up the good work and keep your chin up too.
    your not hiking alone your just doing all the hard work for us all following along via your blog

  4. Mike

    Good to see you posting again. I look forward to reading your posts and pictures each day. Looks like you are catching the next stretch to Oregon at the right time temperature wise though I am sure you could do without the thunderstorms. This time of year should be a lot hotter!


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