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  10th July 2015

Mileage 27.3

Bushcamp (1304.6) to (1331.9)

It’s 1.40am and I’m woken by a call just outside my tent. Who whoooo whoooo. An owl must be perched right above my tent. Being woken by an owl is a privilege not an annoyance besides the rain had stopped.

When I woke at 5.30am and commenced hiking shortly afterwards I had the pleasure of sampling the finest of mornings. The overnight rain bought freshness to the air. Crisp and clean. As the sun started to penetrate the ground it caused steam to rise. The resultant mist resembled a movie set. Like when a dinosaur might appear from nowhere and devour an unsuspecting human. But it was only a heard of cows that appeared.

I filled my water bottles at cold springs. There was a scout group packing up their camp. They were interested in my trip. I was humbled to meet one of the leaders who reads my blog. I’m amazed that anybody reads it. Good luck with your PCT hike in a couple of years. 

I continue hiking for several more hours. The temperature is getting colder not hotter as the day progresses. On an exposed ridge I found 2 hikers, Hollywood and Cheeseburger. Phone reception. Finally I was able to order a new camera and trekking poles. While on my phone the clouds rise from the valley below and smother the view. When I finally recommence hiking I’m walking on a trail that had recently been a river. I must have missed the heavy rain by less than a mile. Every gulley is flowing with fast brown water. I didn’t even get wet!

Late afternoon I reached the halfway point of the trail. Tastefully decorated with blow up animals, I believe they are a recent addition. It’s rather difficult to believe that with all the hiking, pain, suffering that I’m only half way. 85 days to make it half way. 




yes that is the hiking trail, right through the scrubby bushes


skin and bones, my clothes are falling of me, go back to day 1 and have a look ar me!


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  1. Don-x

    Congratulations! That’s quite a milestone. It only gets shorter from there.

    I understand one’s excitement abut midpoint but LNT thoughts leave me disappointed someone would have left the blow up animals. Hopefully someone will pack them out before the end of the season.

  2. Bob

    Great Job / Well Done …. Sincere Congratulations. Love your blog and look for all of your updates. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Did an overnight backpack up on the tram in Palm Springs…… but gosh, one night…. hardly an experience huh? Ill fitting backpack, and way too much stuff. I had as much for an overnight as you have for your journey. But it was a good learning experience.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Thank you. Ah yes the San Jacinto mountains. I fondly remember how hard that was for me so early in the trail. But stunning scenery.

  3. Barbara Smith

    Congratulations on 1/2 way. Love your blog and amazing photos. My son’s on the trail also.1st time PCT hiker, or hiker at all for that matter. He’s currently about 10 days behind you and going well. Keep safe and happy trails ahead.

  4. Chris Taylor AKA Poppa Corn

    Thank you for talking with the scouts! By doing section M and N when the thru hikers were going through, I had the goal of getting them exposed to people like you… people who see no limitations!

  5. Sally

    I have to add on, Total Badass Hiking Machine!! WOOP, WOOP, half way!! Congrats Brad. We are cheering you onward. Canada high-ho!

  6. Dot

    Congratulations! I am loving following your hike. The pictures are fabulous. I can’t wait to see what the 2nd half brings. I am so happy you are treated well by the trail angels. Kudos to you!!

  7. murat

    Congratulations Brad!

    Looking forward to reading and seeing pictures of the second half of your beautiful journey.

    Be safe.


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