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  13th July 2015

Mileage 14

Bushcamp (1363.9) Old Station (1377.9)

Hiking into a trail town with the promise of real food always promises a cracking pace. 14 miles in about 4 hours. The trail was either flat or downhill with views of near Mt Lasson. Mr & Mrs Smith set a cranking pace, they have good reason which I will reveal later.

The town of Old Station is not much more than an RV Park and a post office. I picked up my food from the post office, I sent it to myself back in Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately my camera and trekking poles that I ordered will not arrive until tomorrow afternoon, but that’s ok our trail family are all staying here for the night. While sitting outside the post office a strange thing happened. A guy, a horse, a dog and 2 baby camels turned up. Only in a small town. 

All of us then hitch hiked 4 miles to JJs Cafe for lunch/dinner. I rolled out of there after gorging myself. As is usual I eat a burger. I would dearly love to eat something different but choice is limited. My body is wasting away so I feel I can eat as much as I can.

The afternoon is spent on the Internet. Oh and also celebrating Mrs Smiths Birthday. Happy Birthday Mrs Smith.


happy birthday Mrs Smith

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  1. Gina

    Hi Shepherd, glad the band’s all back together again!
    Got a call from Malia Sunday morning from an unfamiliar number…seems it was the Burney Falls store. Her phone is out of order due to some thunder/hail storms somewhere along to way. She assured me they would be at Mt Shasta by this weekend and hit up the Verizon store. Just an FYI, as I know you all are in a group text sometimes. Oh and regarding your comment about adding olive oil to all your meals, that’s a great idea, also blocks of butter can go on everything!
    Love your pictures as always! (how adorable are those camels?!)

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Yeah great to be back together. If all goes to plan I should be in Shasta by Sunday night. Would be great if they are still around, I thought they were hundreds of miles ahead. Maybe I might catch them.

  2. Bob

    14 miles in 4 hours that is a wow. That surely was about the destination and not the journey. Food is a motivator without a doubt. I truly enjoy your blog. Many Thanks

  3. Jayne

    camels, huh? the wonder and adventure never ends. And that’s a good thing!


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