PCT Day 89 The Virtues of Thru Hiking

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BearLee with the beers
 14th July 2015

Mileage 0

Old Station (1378.9)

Flexability, patience and adaptability. Just three virtues of importance for a hiker on the PCT. Several days ago I ordered new gear to arrive at Old Station Post Office. Some but not all of my gear arrived. I could be upset or I could be flexible and have patience and adapt to the change in my plan. Almost every hiker I know has been put in a position where it was not the trail that tested them but it was off trail issues. Some people learn to embrace the setbacks, some do not.

This morning I bid fairwell to Hummingbird, Teflon and KC. They all continued the long trek North. Mr & Mrs Smith and I waited for packages. So our group is split again. As I mentioned earlier some packages arrived, some didn’t. I got my new camera. Sorry for the lack of quality photos lately, the old camera became temperamental, not to mention the scratched lens. I’m a happy hiker now. 

As a result of the enforced layover I shall be attempting to average more than 30 miles a day of hiking for the next week to catch up, that’s more than 48km per day. Fairly ambitious, yes. Possible, yes. I figure I can do it for several days.

So I’m resting, relaxing and recharging before completing the Northern California Section. While staying at the RV Park at Old Station BearLee brought rice, taco meat, burritos, salsa and beers to the room. A kind donation from Tom and Dan who shouted us the glorious dinner. Thank you.

I’m looking forward to birthday celebrations in Ashland, Oregon, 350 miles away in 2 weeks! Both Mr Smith and I hope to celebrate our birthdays there. Can we do it? 


waiting for packages


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