17th July 2015

Mileage 22.9

Rock River Camp (1429.3) to Moosehead Creek (1452.2)

All intention of hiking many miles on this day were dismissed early. It was hot and oppressive. The day started with several miles of climbing. It was certainly not difficult. The tall pine trees shaded the intense sun. When we reached the ridgeline we suffered through intermittent stretches of open ground and forested groves. 

By midday Mr & Mrs Smith and I rested and consumed as many calories as we could at Clarke Springs. Other hikers Bushtit, Tomtit and Whole Roll joined us. None of us were particularly motivated to get moving, it was around 94F (34C). While walking alone to the spring to fill my water bottles I startled a deer than ran and jumped at speed towards the others who were resting in the shade of the trees. Until they sighted the deer they confessed to thinking it was a bear. When finally we set off it was both Mr & Mrs Smith who suffered. Both suffering from mild heat stress. Much resting and fluids were needed. Apart from the heat the ridge walking was awesome. The views seemed to stretch for over 100 miles to the west, dominated by the volcano, Mt Shasta. At over 14000ft it will be the dominant mountain that I will see for many, many days.

Camp was made early next to a natural spring. Clear cold water flowed. We all consumed as much food as possible. My dinner consisted of dehydrated beans mixed with dehydrated vegetables. When it had rehydrated I added potato mix to thicken the meal then added packet chicken, similar to packet tuna. My meal had about 1000 calories and about 60-70 grams of protein. Desert was a hot chocolate with 6 Oreo cookies. After that a handful of M&Ms completed my 3 course meal.  



Mt Shasta


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  1. ruuster

    Seems to me the best place to hang out and camp was the point of seeing ice cold anything.. and the recliners. so quickly after the heat got to everyone… Unless the clouds come in for cover.. I.. and I mean this is me.. would not hike after 2 pm in the heat.. From where you are to Ashland Or.. the afternoons will be hot… 93F you may think was the good ole days… wait for 110F.. and that is not a typo.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      It’s definitely hot. I live in the tropics so I manage very well in the heat and prefer it to the cold. Having said that, I’d love to chill somewhere with ice cold anything after 2pm, sounds great

  2. Charlie

    Holy crap! Where’d Shasta’s snow go?

    That final picture – that is fireweed. Beekeepers LOVE that stuff. If you can find a good patch of it to plop your hives next to, you basically get a double long season to collect nectar and make honey… And it makes one of the clearest and most delicately flavored honeys in existence.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Low snow year and hotter than average summer here I guess. There were definitely lots of bees in the area, I tried to photograph them but they were too quick for me.


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