PCT Day 97 One of the best days yet


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22nd July 2015

Mileage 23.7

Bushcamp (1526.3) to Bushcamp (1550)

The air smelt fresh as it does after a thunderstorm. Strawberry and cream oats were consumed with a hot coffee, as I have done for most of the last 97 mornings. All the while I was wearing my down jacket. It was a cool morning.

With little water left I set off for 8 miles to the next spring that was on trail. Early morning hiking on the ridges today. As with most of the ridge walking in recent days I have been super impressed.

I love the far horizons with layer upon layer of ridgelines that stretch for such a distance that they eventually just fade away. No photo could capture a true sense of the vastness. I’m really liking this section of Northern California. 

By lunchtime we caught up to Teflon who was waiting for us at Deadfall Lake. She had been a couple of miles ahead of us and decided to relax at the lake. Reading, resting and relaxing.

The weather was still quite cool so I didn’t swim in the lake. Neither did Teflon when she saw a snake swimming in the water. Had I been at the lake yesterday during the extreme heat I would have been swimming, just a bit to cool for me today. 

Reunited we followed the ridgelines again in the afternoon making a large sweeping turn to the south again. Yes I have been hiking southbound again.

We hardly did any climbing or descending today, it was all quite flat hiking. Today was possibly one of my most favourite days on the PCT for scenery, very impressive.

With plenty of daylight left we camped on a rocky outcrop overlooking Bluff Lake which was maybe 300 feet or more below us. There was a large group camped below me, maybe 50 people. All drinking and having a good time from what I could see and hear from my vantage spot.

No sooner had I started to erect my tent when 10 shots from a semi automatic firearm was heard from below at the lake. Then cars revving their engines and driving really fast in tight circles. I think they are called Rednecks in this country but I’m not too sure!

As the evening progressed a cold northerly breeze materialised, it might be cold tonight. Bright pink clouds signalled time for sleep, it was almost hiker midnight. 

Goodnight all, regards Shepherd. 

Great clean spring water

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5 thoughts on “PCT Day 97 One of the best days yet”

  1. So happy you are enjoying my favorite area of the world. Saw some of your fellow PCT hikers at the subway cave getting water on Thursday. One is hiking 25 miles a day consistently since he started three weeks later. He may catch up to you yet. Should have asked about his trail name.

    • It’s a great section of trail. There are now many hikers consistently hiking 25 plus miles per day. I meet them briefly then they are gone.


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