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2nd – 4th November


Campsite 205.1km to Kerikeri 227.3km

The sun started rising over the farmland. Cows and sheep were grazing in the fields. After a short roadwalk I was jumping over electric fences and hiked through farmers fields.. Sleeping sheep and curious cows were my company for the hike.

The overnight rain and condensation soaked my feet and I was often forced to sit on the wet fields to rest. And I rested a lot, normally every 30-45 minutes I took a break.


The town of Kerikeri had everything I needed to recover. My first stop was the pharmacy. I had a lengthy chat with the pharmacist who thought it possible but unlikely that I had pneumonia. It was suspected to be something that should go away. In the meantime it was rest and a medication to break up the mucous and make the cough less painful and more productive at removing fluid. As it was a Friday, if things got worse then it was off to hospital.

Next stop, the post office to pick up my bounce box. Subway made me a very late lunch. I hadn’t eaten all day, or most of yesterday so the footlong sub tasted very nice. New Zealanders would say, it was ‘Sweet As’

The campground was $18 per night and provided me with a tent spot next to a stream, a shower and use of a kitchen. But I spent most of time relaxing in the TV room watching movies.

Many other hikers came and went during my several days rest. After several days of enforced rest my energy returned. But my cough and appetite were still a slight cause for concern. The rest has gone well, I think I’m strong enough to keep hiking. I will be a short enough hike to another town and if things don’t work out I can return. I think I’m ready to give it a try tomorrow.

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  1. Bruce Lockland

    Good to hear you’re resting and medicated and on the mend! Sounds like you’re taking it easy til you’re 100% …. hike on!

  2. Nas

    So happy to hear you are on the mend! Take it easy these next few days!! Sending good health and energy your way…


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