TA Day 3 – Man Lipstick and Rogue Waves

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October 26th


Beach Camp 46.7km to Beach Camp 73km

The constant salty wind mixed with the hot sun is frying my lips. For those not familiar with the southern hemisphere, the sun here is much stronger than in the north. Something about a hole in the Ozone layer. Suffice to say after so many years in the northern hemisphere I’m being cooked down here in New Zealand.

I applied my man lipstick many times today despite the cooler weather and brief rain showers. There are a couple of cracks on my lips which might make salty and spicey foods a bit painful.


Talking about rain I had my first gear failure. Actually, gear failure is not the correct word. More like an item of gear that is not good enough. While hiking the Appalachian Trail I used an umbrella and loved it. Unfortunately I lost it. Without much time to order one online I bought a Sea to Summit hiking umbrella. Unfortunately, it’s just not good enough to be used when hiking. I’m going to try and replace it with the Six Moon Design Umbrella. It served me when on the Appalachian trail and I think it will serve me well here too.

Beach walking brings with it a whole new set of skills to be learned. Such as, how long can I hike without getting some form of repetitive strain injury. I think its the constant flat surface that punishes the feet. Roadwalking is the same for me. I do have some pain on the arches of my feet. But this is normal for me until I’m about a week or so into a hike. I’ll survive.

It was close to midday. The rain has turned to overcast skies and the tide was at its highest for the day. I walked close to the sand dunes, often in the soft fluffy sand. A rogue wave came in. I ran towards the dunes to escape the salty ocean. I looked behind me. The same wave caught Jazzus, who is still hiking with me. But we stayed dry.

We share the beach with cars and buses

Just after midday we refilled our water bottles at the popular campsite and cabins called Utea Park. A fruit smoothie later we departed for a campsite on the beach. Jazzus was feeling a bit sore in the feet and I didn’t need a reason to stop. Time to put on more man lipstick before bed. Most people call it Lip Balm or Chapstick.

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  1. Good to see you back on the trail, albeit a very wide one! As always, I appreciate your daily log about your adventure.

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