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9th January


St Arnaud village 1934.7km to Lakehead Hut 1945.2

The weather was the hot topic of discussion. A weather front bringing 80km/h (50mph) winds was forecast to arrive in 2 days time. By that time I would be hiking on a high, exposed mountain pass. One hiker decided to leave early and try his best to get over the pass early, but carried an extra days food expecting to get stuck in a hut for two days. I chose a more conservative plan. Eat lots of food today and only hike 10km to a hut. Then tomorrow in the strong wind and rain I’d hike up the protected valley to the hut below the pass. It just seemed like the best option for me.

It was 2pm when I finished answering my growing list of emails and backlog of non hiking chores. The sky was overcast for the 10km hike. It was a flat easy hike along the length of Lake Rotoiti. Motorboats zoomed past towing kids on tubes driven by wicked father who seemed intent on making their kids fall off.

My hut was at the end of the lake. On either sides were high steep valleys which led to jagged mountain peaks at the head of the valley. It was a large hut, 26 beds in total but only 9 staying on this night. After eating so much food in St Arnaud I had no appetite, I was full. A hot chocolate and a couple of cookies were all I could eat. I hope nobody snores.

I’m very excited about the next couple of days. I’m heading into the famed Nelson Lakes National Park.

Next – Day 79 – The drought has broken

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