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1st November


bushcamp 183.9 to 205.1km

My thoughts of hiking 50km to the next resupply were dashed. I failed to wake up early and I was unable to breathe, specially when walking up any hills.

200km of hiking on the Te Araroa trail

My lungs felt full of fluids and every now and then I would have a painful cough that ended with a gooey mess being coughed out. The trail followed a nice network of forestry roads. There were occasional nice views in between the cold gusty wind and rain showers. This type of hiking is just another variety of what is the Te Araroa trail.

10am, brave face

I was very alone. No other hikers. No traffic on the quiet forestry road. I passed a small milestone, 200km of the trail. The 20km hike on very easy forestry roads took me all of 10 hours. I arrived at a campsite and collapsed into my tent, unable to eat. Not to mention a wild wind is blowing and I was wearing every bit of clothing while wrapped up in my -12C sleeping bag. I hate man flu. Tomorrow I’ll wake early to make it to the town of Kerikeri to rest and recover.

Next – Day 10-12 – Resting in Kerikeri 

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  1. Burt Reiff

    Brad, you are a man among men, but please get checked in town. You want to be sure it’s not pneumonia.


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