Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots Review

Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots Review

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This is a gear review of the Vasque Breeze Boots in 2024.

I have been using hiking boots for well over 30 years and have used and tested several versions of the Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots for 1000s of miles of trails over the years. I also used to fit hiking boots as part of my job managing an outdoor retail store. I have worn and tested 8 pairs of Vasque Boots and Shoes over the years so keep reading to learn more about these boots.

The current version of the Waterproof Vasque Breeze fits into the category of a comfortable solid hiking boot. It offers great support to your feet and ankles and will fit most people’s feet due to its mid-to-wide fit.

But there is so much more to this boot. Keep reading to see if these are the right hiking boots for you.

How We Tested

The Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots in this review have been extensively evaluated and researched by the expert author who has more than 30 years of experience in Thru-Hiking, Backpacking, and Hiking. He also spent several years managing a hiking retail store that used to fit hiking boots to customers and is regarded as an expert in this field. These boots were supplied by the manufacturer for this review. They have been rigorously tested by the author in all kinds of weather and hundreds of miles of use. Read the Review Policy for further details.

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In-Depth Review: Vasque Breeze Boot

Vasque Breeze Boots

Vasque Breeze Hiking Boot Review

Weight: 2 lb. 8 oz / 1120 grams

> Good foot and ankle support
> Looks good
> Great long last tread and traction
> Reasonably priced
> Waterproof
> Not as breathable as I would like
> Sharp edges on the lace buckles

Several years ago I used one of the earlier models of the Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots on some of the toughest sections of the Continental Divide Trail. During that time I learned to trust Vasque boots.

Recently Vasque released an updated model of the Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots. The current model has a similar feel and is well suited to those with a mid to wide-width foot. They are comfortable right out of the box with no break-in period needed, but the magic thing about these boots is that over time they will fit even better. And they are reasonably priced. There is a lot to like.

They have a large toe box with plenty of room to accommodate your feet without any pressure points or areas that can increase the chances of blisters. And the high ankle support gives a feeling of security to those that need their ankles to feel like they will not twist when they stumble over the next tree root on the trail.

Overall, the Vasque Breeze Waterproof Boots are one of the best boots on the market in 2024.

Compare Prices:


Like many other hiking boots hitting the market at the moment, the Vasque Breeze has introduced recycled materials to this updated boot.

The boots are made with a combination of Nubuck leather, Recycled Polyester Mesh, EVA foam, and Vasque’s own version of a waterproof membrane that they call VasqueDry which is similar to GoreTex but made with 25% recycled materials.

Vasque Breeze Boots toe protection, EVA foam and nubuck leather


Have no fear of the wet trails, these hiking boots are waterproof. They do a good job of keeping the water out. As mentioned above, the waterproof membrane is called VasqueDry which is made with 25% recycled materials. During testing, it did a good job of keeping the water out and the feet dry.

Overall, there is nothing to complain about when it comes to the waterproofing on the boots, they work as promised and as expected.

Vasque Breeze Boots waterproof lining


Ah, the breathability. Anyone wanting a breathable and waterproof hiking boot is usually disappointed. Having said that, these boots do breathe. I tested these boots in hot summer conditions. After wearing them all day in hot sweaty temperatures my feet were dry but not as much as they would be if I had worn non-waterproof breathable boots.

Overall, the Vasque Breeze is just as breathable as any other waterproof hiking boot on the market.

Testing the Breathability of Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots in hot summer conditions

Traction And Outsoles

The traction and outsoles on the Vasque Breeze Boots are up there with the best. They provide a very good compromise between traction and durability. The lugs on the sole offer very good traction and there are enough lugs to distribute the weight well enough to ensure long life. The sole on these shoes should be good for between 1000-1500 miles of use on dirt trails, less on paved paths and city use.

In comparison to all the other hiking boots on the market in 2024 they do not offer as much traction as the best-in-class, lighter-weight Vasque Breeze LT NTX Boots, but they will last much longer.

Overall, these boots provide the best compromise between traction and long life. There are few other boots on the market that can compete in 2024.

Vasque Breeze Boots outer sole
Vasque Breeze Boots traction lugs on the sole


The Vasque Breeze Boot is not the lightest hiking boot on the market in 2024 but they certainly feel lighter than they are. With the weight coming on at 2 lb. 8 oz / 1120 grams I was confused by the weight and believed them to be lighter than they actually are. It is rare that a hiking boot feels light.

Vasque Breeze Hiking Boot are not the lightest boots but very supportive

Comfort and Support

Let me try and be unbiased here as I have used the Vasque Breeze boots quite a lot over the years. If you have a mid to wide-width foot and want a hiking boot to offer good foot and ankle support, then these are for you. If you want comfort right out of the box, these are for you. They just excel at comfort and support.

Having said all the nice things it must be said that if you have a very narrow foot then there are better options out there such as the boots from Salomon. And if you have very wide feet then the Keen Boots are a much better option for you.

In fact, my favorite hiking boots tend to fluctuate between the Vasque Breeze and the Merrell Moab. There is a reason for this. My feet have a mid to wide width and both of these boots fit my feet best.

Vasque Breeze Boots ankle support


The Vasque Breeze is true to size. As with all hiking boots, I would recommend you purchase a boot that is one size bigger than normal to allow your feet to swell when you spend all day wearing boots on hiking trails. This will also allow you to wear thicker socks if hiking in cold weather.

They are available in the following sizes:

Men’s Size 7-14

Women’s Size 6-12

Lacing System

The Vasque Breeze Boots are mid-height boots and as such, they lace up quite high. This high lacing helps provide support to your ankles.

The combination of the shoe laces and system works well together and locks the laces into place very well. I found the length of the laces to be good and I rarely had them come undone when hiking. As such, I didn’t bother with any form of double knots to lock the laces in place.

The buckles for the laces tend to be a bit sharp on the edges and not as rounded as some other brands.

Vasque Breeze Boots lacing system

Break-In Period

The Vasque Boots feel comfortable right out of the box and over time they will make their own micro-adjustments to fit even better. A good thing about these boots is the lack of pressure points on any part of the foot. After several hikes, I had no blisters and they felt comfortable.

If they do not fit well out of the box then they may not be the right boot for you.

Vasque Breeze Hiking Boot are comfortable hiking boots


The Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots are very reasonably priced for a pair of high-quality boots. While there are cheaper boots out there they are not quite as supportive or durable as these ones.

Compare Prices:

Vasque Breeze Hiking Boot are reasonably priced

Vs the Rest

So how do the Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots compare to all the other Best Hiking Boots?

Firstly, the Vasque Breeze is best suited to mid to wide-width feet. If you have a narrower foot then the Vasque LT NTX would be a better option or any of the Salomon Boots which are best suited for narrow feet.

In comparison to the Merrell Moab and Keen Brands, they are certainly as comfortable, with similar grip and build quality but Vasque has better ankle support and is a more solid boot. Read the full comparison of the best boots.


The Vasque Breeze Boots are mid-height hiking boots and the best hiking socks to use with them are mid-length socks. Shorter socks will not work well with these boots.

Hiking Boot Insoles

The insoles used on the Vasque Breeze Boots do a good job of providing support and are comfortable enough support for most people. As with most footwear, if you have any foot issues, it could be better to add a quality pair of hiking insoles or use a pair of custom-made orthotics.


The Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots are very high quality, durable hiking boots best suited for the hiker with a mid to wide width foot. They provide good traction and comfort right out of the box and with time they will adjust to become a perfect-fitting boot. If you are heading off to a hiking trail and want one of the best hiking boots then these could be the ones for you.

Compare Prices:

Another one of the Best Footwear Reviews from BikeHikeSafari.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vasque Breeze Boots any good?

The Vasque Breeze Boots are high-quality hiking boots best suited for hikers with mid to wide-width feet who want a supportive boot for the trails. They have good support, good traction and are durable enough to last a long time.

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