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Best Backpacking Cookware

Best Backpacking Cookware

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When it comes to the best backpacking cookware to take with you into the backcountry there are lots of choices out there. You don’t want your backpack to be too heavy but you still need something to make those warm meals at the end of the day.

The best hiking cookware should be as lightweight as possible and not too big and bulky for your needs, just add a Backpacking Stove and a Titanium Spork and you are ready to cook. Even if you are only going to make Instant Coffee for Backpacking or need hot water for your Camping Coffee Maker, you will need backpacking cookware.

I’m going to show you my favorite lightweight cookware sets and pieces of cookware (in no particular order). There are titanium cookware sets, anodized aluminum cookware sets and even a stainless steal cookware set. Which one is best?

Best Cookware Set for Backpacking

Here are the best cookware sets for backpacking and Best Titanium Pots:

Snow Peak Trek 900 Titanium Cook Set Pot and Skillet

> Made with titanium
> Includes pot & skillet
> Skillet doubles as a lid
> Lifetime guarantee
> The Skillet isn’t a perfect fit as a lid
> The Skillet is not so good to use for cooking food

This has been my go to piece of titanium cookware for more years than I can remember. It has been used to cooks thousands of meals, yes, thousands.

The Snow Peak Trek 900 Titanium set includes a 30 fluid ounce pot which is 900ml (just under 1 liter) and small skillet, so you can cook two different dishes, and you can cook a main and a side dish.

Or if you don’t need to use the skillet as intended, you can instead use it as a lid for the other pot, and help retain your food’s moisture. But let me be honest, the skillet lid is not the best for cooking as it is not non stick, so meals such as pancakes or eggs are difficult to cook.

They’re both made from pure Grade A Japanese titanium. Titanium is perfect for ultralight backpacking cookware, as I explain later in the buyer’s guide. It’s ultralight for one, making it far more comfortable to carry around.

Both items sport handles that fold down flat, for more compact storage. Which means more room for other handy items.

And if you wanted to keep your cookware away from other items in your backpack, say if you didn’t have enough clean water to wash them, you can take advantage of the accompanying mesh carry bag but I got rid of that in favor of a lightweight stuffsack.

And particularly reassuringly, the set comes backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Compare Prices:

Snow Peak Titanium Single Wall Cup 600

> Made with titanium
> 600 ml size
> Handles fold down
> No lid, could lead to spillages

Now, this is a cup for the minimalists thru hiker amongst you. 

A day spent backpacking and hiking is thirsty work, and while water is great for keeping you hydrated, there’s nothing quite like a hot drink at the end of the in the morning or at night.

And if you would like a cup for your hot drink, this one would be a great choice, but many ultralight hikers use this to cook their small meals of pasta or rice. Just add a small amount of aluminum foil to act as a lid and you have an ultralight pot.

The size makes it a just big enough for meals and certainly something to consider when hiking solo. I do love the ultralight small size.

It’s made with titanium, which means that it will not only heat up your drink very quickly, but it will also retain its heat, meaning your drink stays hot for longer.

The handles fold down when not in use, which makes the cup or should I say lightweight backpacking pot more compact to stow away. 

Compare Prices:

TOAKS Light Titanium 550ml Pot (Ultralight Version)

> Made with titanium
> Excellent ratings
> Large 550 ml size
> Comes with a lid
> Not much, only for ultralight solo hikers.

Superlight and small. This ultralight titanium cookware set is for the ultralight solo hiker only.

It’s a very nice size at 550 ml and is made from ultralight titanium. And with the titanium being just 0.3 mm thick, this makes it one the lightest pots of its kind on the market.

What I love the most about this one, besides the light weight, is that it comes with it’s own perfectly fitting lid. This lid features a small fold away handle that is cool to the touch, and locks safely in place.

It also features handles that fold down, for easier, more compact storage. And if all that’s not enough, it also comes with it’s very own mesh carry bag but like all the other backpacking cookwear sets in this review I prefer a more rigid stuff sack to store cooksets.

It’s set at a great price and the perfect lightweight backpacking cookware set for 1.

Compare Prices:

TOAKS Ultralight Titanium Cook System

> Made with titanium
> Bargain affordable price
> Includes pot, stove, spork & windshield
> Comes with a carry bag
> Uses Esbit fuel only

Now this is not just one or two pieces of cookware but an entire cooking system. It has everything you need in one small lightweight kit.

The set is composed of a large 550 ml pot, measuring 95mm x 80mm, and a stove to go under it, a folding spoon that doubles as a fork (a spork), and a windshield to stop the wind from cooling down your food as you try to cook.

The pot features its own perfectly fitting lid. This lid features a small fold away handle that is cool to the touch, and locks safely in place. And there are handy measurements inside the pot.

Better yet the entire set is made of titanium. Not only does titanium heat up and retain heat really well, but it’s also super lightweight for carry around. Moreover, it’s corrosion resistant and super durable, despite being so thin and lightweight.

The set also comes complete with its own bright orange mesh carry bag.

Just be aware this titanium cookset uses esbit stove fuel to cook with which is not for everyone. Look elsewhere if you want to use it with your gas canister stove.

Compare Prices:

Evernew Titanium UltraLight Deep Pot

> Made with titanium
> Large 600 ml size
> Safe red fold away handles
> Premium product at a premium price

Now, this particular piece of cookware has a feature that none of the other cookware pieces in our shortlist have.

If you look at the photo, you will see red handles on the pot. But this is not just an aesthetic feature.

The red handle covering on the handles will protect your hands from the pot’s heat after being on your hot camp stove. It’s a great safety feature, just don’t use it on an open fire as the red material on the handles will melt and burn.

It’s a nice large size at 12.5 cm deep and 9.5 cm in diameter, which means it’s able to hold 600 ml of food or liquid.

It’s made of titanium, which is strong, ultralight and super efficient and conducting heat.

Sure it’s expensive, which is why I think there are so few customer reviews around for it, but if you’re the kind of person who likes to put safety first, you may well decide it’s worth every penny.

Compare Prices:

MSR Titan 2 Camping Pot Set

> Made with titanium
> 1 liter pot nests inside larger one
> Special pot handle for safety
> Premium product at a premium price

This 2 pot set includes a large 1.5 liter pot and a smaller 1 liter one that nests right inside the larger one for convenient storage and carrying.

It also comes with a lid big enough for the larger pot, a LiteLifter pot handle, which allows you to grab either pot or lid.

With the LiteLifter Pot Handle you don’t have to worry about scalding your hands on any metal handles.

And the pots and pans of the set are made with ultra-lightweight titanium which I love.

It’s quite expensive for what it is, but if you are looking for the best hiking cookset for 2 people then this is worthy of consideration.

Compare Prices:

MSR Titan Ultra-Lightweight Camping Kettle

> Made with titanium
> Use as pot, mug, or bowl
> Large 850 ml size
> Handles fold down
> Has a lid
> No volume indicators

What I like about this camping kettle is it’s versatility. You can use it as either a pot, a bowl, a mug, or of course a kettle.

It’s a nice, large size, able to hold up to 850 ml of liquid. It comes with its very own lid which features a small handle on top. There’s also a handle on one side. Better yet, the handle will fold down for easier, more compact storage.

I love all the backpacking pots that are this size as it is small enough for a solo hiker and just big enough for a couple. When it comes to backpacking cookware for 2 people this is the smallest size I would ever consider. But I would prefer slightly bigger for a couple.

As with all the other best titanium pots for backpacking in the review I love the weight saving and strength of this pot.

Compare Prices:

REDCAMP 750ml Ultralight Titanium Camping Pot with Lid


> Made with titanium
> Includes set of cutlery
> Pot doubles as a mug
> The pot features a lid
> Unconditional warranty
> cutlery could be better

Now, this is a bargain if ever we saw one!

This kit includes a very lightweight camping pot and set of folding cutlery, inclusive of a spoon, a fork, and a knife. And it even comes with a sponge for cleaning up too.

What I like about this camping pot is how it also doubles as a mug. It’s a large size at 750 ml, and even has a perfectly fitting lid on top. Fantastic for keeping your food or drink nice and hot while you’re in the cold outdoors.

As for storage, the pot/mug handles can be folded away when you’re not using them, making it very compact to stow away. Plus it comes with a mesh carry bag.

The pot is made with titanium, but it is not as expensive as all the other name brands in this review.

I like the one year warranty. This is one of the best budget titanium backpacking cookware sets on the market right now.

Compare Prices:

Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set

> Includes a pot and two cups
> Items nest within each other
> Features a vented lid
> Folding handle secures items in place
> Backed by a lifetime warranty
> Great Price
> Stainless Steel is not as lightweight as titanium

This is a cookware set that is very popular.

The set is composed of a 24 ounce kettle and two cups that fit right inside it for very compact storage and portability.

The slimline kettle features a lid with a cool to the touch handle. Plus the lid is vented, which is a great safety feature. 

The kettle itself has its own handle too, so you don’t have to scald yourself holding it.

Better yet, when the kettle handle is not in use, you can fold it down over the lid with cups inside, keeping all the items in the set nice and secure as you go.

Reassuringly, the set is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The only drawback is that the kettle and lid are made with stainless steel rather than titanium, so it isn’t as lightweight as many of the other items that made our shortlist.

It only weighs 0.2kg. Stainless steel may not be ultralight but it’s easy to clean and won’t ever rust.

Compare Prices:

Lixada Camping Titanium Cookware Set

> Made with titanium
> Won Amazon’s Choice
> Includes pot, cup & spork
> Collapsible handles
> The lids are not lockable

The set is made up of a large 750 ml pot, a 420 ml cup, and a folding spork. Both the pot and the cup feature lids, which is excellent for both safety and for heat retention.

The handles of the pot and cup are collapsible, folding away for easier more compact storage, ready for when you go back in the move again.

All parts of the set are made with titanium but comes at a budget price. If you are looking for budget titanium pots for backpacking then this could be a great option.

Compare Prices:

Almost made the List

The backpacking cookware list below is good but this list tends to favor the lightweight cooksets and ultralight backpacking cooksets.

  • Sea to Summit X32 Cookset – The Sea to Summit X32 Cookset is an interesting take on backpacking cooksets. The are made from collapsable silicon on the side so pack ultra small. But they are not so light.
  • MSR Ceramic Solo Pot – The MSR Ceramic Solo Pot is a great non-stick pot that is light and not added to the list as I am finishing up the review on this item.
  • MSR Ceramic 2 Pot Cookset – The MSR Ceramic 2 Pot Cookset is a great 2 person backpacking cookset. Lightweight pot set that and non-stock anodized aluminum.
  • GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Campset – The GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Campset is huge and only for the large group of about 4 people. Just too big and too much stuff for most backpackers.
Gear Testing Titanium Pots in Winter conditions melting snow
Boiling snow when backpacking is easy with a titanium backpacking pot

Backpacking Cookware Buyer’s Guide

So, here’s what to consider before buying your backpacking cookware.

Gear Testing the Snow Peak Trek 900 Titanium Pot on the Appalachian trail
The Snow Peak Trek 900 Titanium being tested on the Appalachian Trail

Titanium – And Why It’s Best For Backpacking Cookware

For backpacking cookware you will need items that can both conduct heat well and also retain heat well. But at the same time it also has to be very lightweight, if not ultralight. 

That’s where titanium comes in. It has both of these properties, and is actually half the weight of stainless steel. But that’s not all…

It’s also very sturdy, durable and corrosion resistant. Moreover it doesn’t leave a metallic taste in your mouth.

But there is a downside, titanium is so good at capturing heat that it can often cause food to burn to the pot as it creates hotspots.

Overall, Titanium pots are best for backpacking.

Stainless Steel Backpacking Pots

Stainless Steel has several advantages and disadvantages as hiking cookware.

Stainless Steel backpacking pots are heavy compared to the other materials but it is much more durable and has the advantage of being easier to clean. It is also the best material to use when cooking on an open fire.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodized Aluminum is super lightweight and makes a great material for camping cookware. It also produces an even heat which prevents hotspots that are prone to pots made from titanium. When a non stock ceramic coating is added to aluminum pots they make awesome backpacking cookware sets.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is great for car camping but way too heavy and not worth the effort for the backcountry. Stay away and go with something lighter.

Easy to Stow Away And Carry

Gear Testing a 2 person backpacking cookware set while bicycle touring
The Best Cookware for 2 people is usually larger and bulkier but when bicycle touring there is a little extra room.

When you’re backpacking or hiking you want to be able to stow all your gear in as few bags as possible. This means that items have to be packed as compactly as possible to make room for all the items you want to take.

To that end, I recommend cookware with folding handles, and cookware items that nest within one another.

And when you set out, you can store your uncooked food within the cookware to save even more space. I prefer to use an aftermarket stuff sack as I’m not a huge fan of the supplied mesh sacks that come with most pots.

Gear Testing the Titanium Pot from Evernew on a Backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon
Lightweight Titanium Pot and Skillet being tested in the Grand Canyon

Frequently Asked Questions

What Items Of Cookware Do You Actually Need?

It depends on how many of you are backpacking together, and what you intend to cook. 
On one hand, the more cookware you have, the more you can cook. But on the other hand, the more cookware you have, the heavier your backpack is going to be.
So there’s no straight answer to this, and you are free to pack cookware at your own discretion. The minimalists amongst you could well be happy enough with just one item.

What is the best cookware for backpacking?

The best cookware for backpacking is the Snow Peak Trek, Toaks, Evernew and MSR Titan. These are good reputable brands that have been tried and tested, and have proved to live up to their name. Read the complete review to find which one is best for you.

Another one of the Best Hiking Gear Reviews from BikeHikeSafari.

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Best Backpacking Cookware

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