Leaving Belize I had to pay an exit tax of US$20. I already knew about this and slipped out of the country quite quickly. Entry to Mexico was also very easy, as it always is. Just hand over my passport, fill out a short document and I’m in. I enjoyed my all too short time in Belize and I’m already cooking up a plan to return later in the year to have a better look around.

I only have a few short weeks of cycling left on this leg. I tossed up which route to take through Mexico. Option one: Head up the coast to Cancun and spend time relaxing or diving in the Caribbean; or Option Two: Cycle across the peninsula via remote Mayan ruins in a big loop back to Cancun. I have to end in Cancun to take my flight to Atlanta to hike the Appalachian Trail.

To be honest I just can’t decide. No one route was saying ‘Take Me’. So now that I’m back in Mexico, stay tuned to see which route I take.

Heading back to Mexico on the coast

The Mexico / Belize Border


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  1. Margaret Buckles

    You are there so route the route , who cares. You are on your own and traveling first class on your own on your bike etc. doing whatever you decide to do……….congratulations!

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Thanks Margaret. It was a hard decision but I made a great plan that also leaves room for later travels.

  2. jayne

    I truly have enjoyed seeing Central America with you and look forward to my hike on the AT ;)). God bless and keep you safe.


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