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Kuhl Radikl Pants Review


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This is a gear review about the Kuhl Radikl Pants in 2023.

They are one of the most popular hiking pants on the market. The Kuhl Radikl Men’s Pants are a heavy-duty but super comfortable pair of hiking pants. They have good stretch and freedom of movement and are built tough enough for extended journeys on the hiking trails of the world. I have worn the Kuhl Radikl pants on a couple of hikes and here is my review.

Kuhl Radikl Pants In-Depth Review

Kuhl Radikl Pants – Men’s

Kuhl Radikl Pants Review

Weight: 15 oz / 425 grams
Stretch: Yes
Weather Resistant:

> Super tough
> Very Comfortable
> Good fit
> Available in two styles, Klassic Fit and Tapered. I like the Klassic Fit.
> Not weather resistant so not good in wet weather
> Heavy

The Kuhl Radikl Men’s Pants are not only one of the most popular hiking pants in the world, they are also one of the most comfortable. I wear these pants on hiking trails, at home, to restaurants, and out shopping. They are close to the perfect pair of men’s pants for 2023. The only thing they do not have is some form of weather resistance when it rains and a lighter-weight material. If they had those things these would be the perfect pair of pants.

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How do the Kuhl Radikl Pants compare with the Best Hiking Pants in 2023.

Kuhl Radikl Pant Review

Comfort and Design

Let’s take a look at the fit, fabric, stretch, colors, and sizes of the Kuhl Radikl pants.


The Kuhl Radikl are true to size and come in two different styles, the Klassic Fit, and Tapered fit. In this review, I am testing the Klassic fit and they are my preferred style. There is plenty of room in the crotch and legs with good stretch and freedom of movement.

These pants are one of the most comfortable hiking pants I have ever tried. The fit and the feel of the fabric is awesome. The waist sits a little higher on these pants so they not only feel a little more secure but they don’t feel like they want to fall down when I lose a bit of weight on an extended backpacking trip.

Kuhl Radikl Mans Pants with stretch and pockets


The Kuhl Radikl are made from a fabric they call Enduro. It has a very high cotton content at 68%. They also have 29% nylon and 3% spandex. The high cotton content is responsible for the super comfortable feel. Add to that the nylon to increase the strength and spandex on side panels and the combination just seems to work well.

The Kuhl Radilk is UPF 50+ rated and works well in hot weather. Again, the high cotton content is what makes them work so well in the heat.

The fabric has a super soft feel. If you get a pair you might find yourself wearing it around town and at home as well as on the hiking trail. That is what I use them for. They could also work well as work pants and they look good and are comfortable.

Mens Kuhl Radikl Pants

Colors and Sizes

With a choice of 10 colors, there is sure to be one that suits your personality.

The Kuhl Radikl Pants come in 11 sizes ranging from 28-inch waist to 42-inch waist. There is a choice of 5-leg inseam lengths are from 28 to 36. If you happen to be very tall or very short there will be a leg length that will fit you.

Kuhl Radikl Colors


The main fabric on the Kuhl Radikl is not very stretchy but there are stretchy panels on the inside leg and outside of the pants. The outer stretch panel runs from the waist to just below the knee that is made from a stretchy spandex blend. And there is a stretch panel on the inside of the leg including the crotch area.

The stretch panels allow the pants to flex and move with you and they seem to be very breathable. Great for the crotch area on a hot day. Overall, they are not the most stretchy pants but few people will want much more than these pants.

Good stretch and comfortable Kuhl Radikl Pants


There are a total of seven pockets on the Kuhl Radikl Pants. There are two hand pockets that are big enough and lined with nice stretch fabric. The right-hand pocket also includes a small change pocket.

There are two rear pockets and two phone pockets on the thigh area. Both phone pockets have different sizes and both are able to fit large-sized smartphones. Although the left phone pocket is deeper it also seems a bit more of a tighter fit. In fact, when I was sitting down I found it very difficult to access the phone from the left pocket.

Kuhl Radikl Mens pants pockets

Belt and Loops

There is no belt with these pants but there are large belt loops in case you chose to wear a belt. Due to the increased rise in the height of where the waist sits, many people will not bother with a belt on these pants. But the loops are there if needed.

Kuhl Radikl Pants - Men's

Weather Resistance and Breathability

The Kuhl Radikl pants have a high cotton content and are very breathable. In fact, I would say these pants would be very well suited to hiking in dry-heat areas like deserts. But when it gets hot and humid these pants will suffer if you start to sweat.

They are not water resistant and there is no DWR coating on the fabric. Best to carry a pair of rain pants with you when using these pants on the trail.


The Kuhl Radikl Pants are reasonably priced and that is part of their popularity. Add to that the fact they are durable and will last a long time.

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Kuhl Radikl vs The Rest

The Kuhl Radikl pants are some of the most comfortable in the world but how do they compare to other hiking pants on the market?


Overall, I am a big fan of these pants. The Kuhl Radikl has not only become one of my go-to hiking pants in good weather but as they are so comfortable I wear them at home and around the town. In fact, I am wearing them right now as I type up this review. Looking for a comfortable pair of hiking pants? These are for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kuhl Radikl Pants water resistant?

No, the Kuhl Radikl pants are not water resistant and not waterproof. They do not have a DWR finish on the pants and the high cotton content of the fabric will not resist water.

Are the Kukl Radikl Pants comfortable?

The Kuhl Radikl pants are very comfortable. They are so comfortable that many people use them for hiking, backpacking, traveling and as general workwear pants at home.

Kuhl Radikl Hiking Pants

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