Kuhl Silencr Pants Review


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This is a gear review about the Men’s Kuhl Silencr Pants.

These are a great pair of lightweight hiking pants well suited to someone backpacking or hiking in summer or the cooler months. It has good stretchy fabric that is weather-resistant, comfortable, and durable. They rank very highly as one of the best lightweight hiking pants for 2024.

Here are my views on these pants.

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How We Tested

The Kuhl Silencr Hiking Pants in this review have been extensively evaluated and researched by the expert author who has more than 30 years of experience in Thru-Hiking, Backpacking, and Hiking. He also spent several years managing a hiking retail store and is regarded as an expert in this field. They were supplied by the manufacturer for this review. They have been rigorously tested by the author over 12 months in all kinds of weather including rain, cold, heat, and wind. The research, testing, and experience of the author have combined to present this honest and unbiased review. Read the Review Policy for further details.

Kuhl Silencr Hiking Pants In-Depth Review

Kuhl Silencr Pants – Men’s

Kuhl Silencr Pants

Weight: 12 oz / 340 grams
Stretch: Yes
Weather Resistant:
Yes with DWR

> Nice fit
> Good weather resistance
> Lightweight
> UPF 50+ UV protection
> Two fit options – whether you prefer a tapered fit or relaxed fit. I like the relaxed fit.
> No Belt
> Not much stretch around the waist area.

The Kuhl Silencr Pants are some of the lightest hiking pants on the market. Right from the first time I tried these pants on, they felt lighter than most other hiking pants on the market in 2024. I liked the weather-resistant fabric and nice deep hand pockets that kept my hands warm when the temperatures dropped to around freezing.

Like most of the Kuhl range, they have changed the spelling to sound more Kuhl (cool). They are not the Kuhl Silencer Pants but the Kuhl Silencr Pants.

While the pants are quite windproof they are also very breathable. Overall, there is a lot to like about these pants.

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How do the Kuhl Silencr Pants compare with the Best Hiking Pants in 2024

Gear testing the Men's Kuhl Silencr pants
The author testing the pants on a short cold weather day hike

Comfort and Design

Let’s take a look at the fit, fabric, stretch, colors, and sizes of the Kuhl Silencr pants.


The Kuhl Silencr Pants are true to size and come in a choice of a tapered fit or relaxed fit. I prefer the fit and feel of the relaxed fit and that is the pants I’ve worn and tested for this review. They have a good overall fit with plenty of room in the crotch and legs.

Kuhl Silencr pants


The Kuhl Silencr is made with a material called Reflex, which is 100% polyester with built-in stretch. The fabric is rated to UPF 50 and is very breathable and lightweight. It is well suited to both warm and cool temperatures. Having tested them in warmer and cooler temps I feel these are good all-round hiking pants.

The fabric on the waist is super soft chamois type material which is similar to those used in other Kuhl Pants such as the Kuhl Radikl and Kuhl Deceptr pants. It is grippy to prevent them from falling down and just feels very soft to the touch.

Both the inner and outer feel of the fabric is soft but it has the kind of feel that reassures you that they are tough and able to withstand harsh treatment.

Kuhl Silencr mens pants review

Colors and Sizes

With a choice of 8 colors, I’m sure you will find a color that suits you. The colors are all very earthy with various shades of brown, khaki, and green.

They come in 11 sizes ranging from 28-inch waist to 42-inch waist. The choice of 4-leg inseam lengths is from 30 to 36. So if you happen to be very tall these pants have an extended size range to fit the freaky tall dudes.

Kuhl Silencr color choice


There is a good 4-way stretch in these pants. Not quite as much stretch as the Deceptr Pants but more than enough for any situation. There is plenty of freedom of movement in the crotch area thanks to the gusseted crotch design.

The articulated legs give good stretch in the legs so whether bending down or climbing when hiking there is plenty of room.

Kuhl Silencr pants - mens have good stretch
The Kuhl SIlencr have a good amount of stretch in the fabric


There are a total of seven pockets on the Kuhl Silencr Pants. The two oversized hand pockets are big with good internal stretch fabric. The right-hand pocket also includes a small change pocket if you need a place to stash some change.

The two rear pockets do not have any form of closure in the form of zip or velcro. While they are OK I can’t see them being used by too many people.

The pants have two phone pockets on the thigh area. They are both the same size and suitable for even the largest-sized smartphones. Although they do not have any form of closure the phones stay in place nicely and will not fall out. Thieves will not easily be able to steal your phones from these pockets.

Kuhl Silencr mens pants pockets

Belt and Loops

There is no belt with these pants but there are oversized belt loops suitable for both small lightweight belts or larger oversized belts. I feel a lot of people will need a belt with these pants. There is no stretch around the waist region so if you are half a size too small there is not much tolerance in these pants.

While I found the pants fitted me perfectly I think if I was thru-hiking or out on a week-long hike I might lose some weight and the pants may not fit as well as they did when I started. Maybe a little stretch panel on the waist or a belt might be a good addition or upgrade to these pants in the future.

Kuhl Silencr pants fit

Weather Resistance and Breathability

Despite the ultralight weight of these pants, they not only breath well but the tight weave keeps out a bit of wind. Keep in mind they are not completely windproof but on a cold day you can wear thermals underneath these pants and stay warm in the cold wind.

The material is water resistant and will repel light splashes or even drizzle. There is a DWR coating to assist with water resistance. A good pair of rain pants would be needed if there is anything more than a very light drizzle.

When I tested these pants I found the DWR and material to be water resistant. But like all DWR coating on all types of fabrics, they do not last forever and will need to be reapplied over time.

Kuhl Silencr mens pants DWR and weather resistant fabric
The the DWR and weather resistance of the material


The Kuhl Silencr pants are reasonably priced. When you take into account the very high quality of the pants and the fact that they will last a long time I think they are worth the money. Check out the current prices below.

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Kuhl Silencr vs The Rest

How do the Kuhl Silencr pants compare to other hiking pants on the market?


Overall, I think Kuhl has nailed it with these pants. They are good quality, comfortable, and strong enough to take into the backcountry for weeks or months on end. I think many people may like to wear a belt with these pants, even though they are a good fit and true to size. These are some of my favorite hiking pants on the market in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kuhl Silencr pants good for backpacking trips?

The Kuhl Silencr pants are a high-quality hiking pants best suited for backpacking trips in the front country and backcountry. They have a good fit, are durable, and above average weather resistance.

What are Kuhl Silencr Pants made of?

Kuhl Pants are made from the tough Reflex fabric that is durable, has good weather resistance, and is well suited for hiking, backpacking, travel, and general wear.

Kuhl Silencr mens pants review

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