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Macpac Trekker Pants


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This is a gear review about the Macpac Trekker Pants in 2023.

These pants are only available in Australia and New Zealand and are the perfect pants for multi-day hikes or short day hikes. They come in both Men’s and Women’s pants. If you are considering thru-hiking, multi-day hiking trips, or an everyday pair of hiking pants that are comfortable then these could be for you.

Macpac Trekker Pants In-Depth Review

Macpac Trekker Pants

Macpac Trekker Pants Review

Weight: 11.6 oz / 330 grams
Stretch: Yes
Weather Resistant:
Yes with DWR

> Durable
> Good Stretch fabric
> Integrated Belt
> UPF 50+ protection
> Weather resistant
> Only one zip pocket
> Only available in Australia and New Zealand

I have been wearing the Macpac Trekker pants for many years. They are super lightweight, have good weather resistance and the right amount of stretch. The integrated belt is good and the pockets are also very good even of there is only 1 zippered pocket.

These are one of my favourite pairs of hiking pants. If you are looking for Te Araroa Gear to take thru hiking or pants for bushwalking in Tassie then look no further. They come in both the Men’s and Women’s Trekker Pants.

Macpac Trekker Pants - Men's

Compare the Macpac Trekker Pants with the Best Hiking Pants in 2023.

Comfort and Fit

Let’s take a look at the fit, fabric, stretch, colors and sizes of the Macpac Trekker pants.


The Macpac Trekker Pants are true to size in both the men’s and women’s sizes. They come in a regular fit which is great for any outdoor activity such as hiking, climbing or for travel.

Macpac Trekker Pants with good 4 way stretch


The fabric is made from Pertex Equilibrium which is a blend of 89% Nylon and 11% Polyurethane. It is UPF 50+ rated and breathable and lightweight. Whether the temps are hot or cold the fabric in the pants work well.

The fabric feels very lightweight. It almost feels like all of the weight of the pants are in the belt and hip area. So the leg section feels very lightweight. If you are looking for a good quality technical fabric for use in hiking pants then these work well.

Macpac Trekker Pants Womens and Mens

Colors and Sizes

The pants only come in one colour, black. So not much in the way of choice.

The Men’s sizes range from Small to 2XL. The Women’s sizes range from 8 to 18.

You will need to check out the sizing guide on the website to pick the correct size for you. They only come in one standard leg length.


The Macpac Trekker Women’s Pants and Trekker Men’s pants have some of the best 4 ways stretch of any hiking pants on the market. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, whether you are hiking, traveling or using these pants out on the town they have more than enough stretch for you.

The legs and crotch area have more than enough room and the pants don’t feel uncomfortable anywhere.

Macpac Trekker Pants


There are 3 pockets on the Macpac Trekker Pants. Two hand pockets and a cargo style zip pocket on the right leg. the hand pockets are generous size and there is a nice stretchy fabric inside the pockets. The Cargo pocket is also generously sized and comes with a zip. If there are any improvements they could consider having two zippered cargo pockets.

Macpac Trekker Pants zip pocket

Belt and Loops

One of the things I really like about the Trekker Pants is the integrated belt. It is light and works very well. If you loose a little bit of weight during your hike then it is good to know that you can adjust the pants to suit. It can be removed if needed but not sure why you would do that, this belt is very good.

Macpac Trekker Pants integrated belt

Weather Resistance and Breathability

The Macpac Trekker pants are lightweight and weather resistant. The weather resistant fabric comes with a good DWR coating on the Pertex softshell fabric. Despite the wind resistant and weather resistance they are also breathable and will dry quickly.

The DWR coating will not last forever and will need to be retreated over time. The pants used in this review have been used for many years and the photo of the water on the pants indicate I need to retreat the fabric which is not too difficult to do at home.

Macpac Trekker Pants weather resistance


The Macpac Trekker Pants are reasonably priced and always seem to be on sale. Overall, they represent good value for a durable pair of hiking pants that will last you a very long time.

Macpac Trekker Pants vs The Rest

How do the Macpac Trekker pants compare to the other hiking pants on the market?


Overall, the Macpac Trekker Pants for men and women represent a good choice of hiking pants in Australia and New Zealand. The Pertex fabric has a nice amount of stretch and are weather resistant. I have been wearing these pants for many years and love the fit and quality. If you are looking for a pair of pants for anything from thru hiking and bushwalking to travel or work then these are for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Macpac Trekker Pants any good?

The Macpac Trekker pants are some of the best hiking pants available in Australia and New Zealand. They are lightweight, weather resistant and have good stretch. Add to that they are durable and very comfortable.

Macpac Trekker Pants Review

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