Hanging out in San Miguel de Allende


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San Miguel de Allende has been my home for several weeks, more like a home away from home. It’s also a home away from home for the estimated 12000 gringos who call this town home.

There’s a huge ex-pat population living here. For the most part they are retirees from the two countries north of Mexico. For many they can live a great lifestyle here much cheaper than their home town of, let’s say, New York.

Things to do in San Miguel de Allende:

  • I tried Michelada for the first time. It’s a Mexican alcoholic drink that combines beer with fruits (in my case Mangos), herbs, spices, peppers and chili.
  • Watched the street parade to celebrate the Mexican War of Independence. Many Police, Military, school groups and local organisations took part. Miguel Hidalgo (the town was named in his honour) was instrumental in the cause.
  • I hung out with a large group of the ex-pat community watching the Superbowl in one of the many luxury homes that can be found in San Miguel.
  • Walked the streets, drank beer and dined in many different locations with the wonderful company of a local lady.
  • Joined a local cycling group on a cycle trip to Nevada de Toluca.
  • Joined local cyclists on an off road adventure to the nearby town of Dolores Hidalgo.
  • Visited one of the many museums, which is free on Sunday.
  • Walked the streets alone in the middle of the night. It’s a very safe town.
  • Ate so much great Mexican street food that I think I’ve finally put on a bit of weight.
  • Walked into some of the most expensive hotels in town. Just because I could and I wanted to see how the other half live.
  • Took a bus to nearby Guanajuato to look around and catch up with some cycling buddies, Gareth and Jean, who were there.
  • Looked at the inflated prices of real estate in this town and thought it was a very expensive town to buy a house.
  • I jokingly refer to this town as Saint Mikes or Gringolandia to anyone that would listen.

San Miguel de Allende has grown on me but for the next couple of months I have some ambitious cycling routes planned through Mexico and Cuba. That’s right Cuba. I’ll be heading there shortly and just quietly I’m looking forward to it. But first I’ll be heading to the remote areas of the Sierra Gorda and Huasteca region. I will be teaming up with Gareth, Jean and s multitude of locals to venture off the beaten path in weeks to come. Stay tuned.

So this will be the last of my non adventurous blog posts. 

In the meantime, take a look at the photographic beauty of San Miguel de Allende, or as I call it, Saint Mikes or Gringolandia. Can you see why so many gringos would want to live here?

Streets of San Miguel de Allende
Streets of San Miguel de Allende
Cathedral San Miguel de Allende
The cathedral from the entrance of the Museum, which is free on Sunday!
Michelada, a wonderful Mexican drink with fruits, spices, herbs, chilli and beer.
Michelada, a wonderful Mexican drink with fruits, spices, herbs, chilli and beer.
Parade - San Miguel de Allende
Horses taking part in the Parade to celebrate the start of the Mexican War of Independence
Police - Parade - San Miguel de Allende
Elite Police taking part in the Parade
Mexican - Military - San Miguel de Allende
Military at the Parade
Mexican Military
Down the barrel of a gun
Mexican Military
Mexican Military
Bombaderos - Mexico
Bombaderos of Mexico
Watchin the Parade
Locals watching the parade

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4 thoughts on “Hanging out in San Miguel de Allende”

  1. Hi Brad! Any chance on a map showing where you have cycled in Mexico? After the stressful technical week you’ve had, I thought I’d throw another challenge your way. Haha

  2. Hi Brad! I have been noticing the extra effort you are putting into your photography. I love how you try to shoot from interesting angles. All of your hard work is certainly paying off!
    We are getting close to running out of storage on our site, too, and are thinking of jumping to a self-hosted site. Just curious: Who did you decide to use as your web-hosting provider? How did you choose?

    • I use blue host. It was the cheapest and I had WordPress transfer my site as I’m quite the novice. They fixed all the mistakes etc. but overall I’m happy. It was a stressful week of getting all the adjustments made. Good luck.


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